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George W. Bush is coming to the UK... and we'll be waiting for him.
30 October, 2004
  The 'GLAMOUR' Purveyor
One for Manic.
Dicky Desmond is not a pornographer - he's a 'GLAMOUR' PURVEYOR

Glad we sorted that out, then.
oh, and yet again this week I am reminded of Basil at his best.


Desmond is Britain's most eccentric press baron. He demands that a banana is brought to him on a platter twice a day in his office. He once ordered a female executive who was late for a meeting to stand in a cupboard (she refused and resigned). And during a meeting with Telegraph executives over the future of the West Ferry printing plant, he goose-stepped around the room with his finger pressed to his upper lip before unleashing a tirade of abuse about the Telegraph's possible sale to German owners.

What an all round well balanced induhvidual. *cough*
  Memories of a Free Spirit
This is a lovely tribute the John Peel, and I think this passage sums the man up beautifully.

That Merseyside expedition was also notable for the teenage scally John had found to talk to us about being young in Liverpool in the Eighties. We met on an estate in a pub that I thought was called The Chester, but turned out be The Jester. And we listened to tales of burglary, football violence and routine drug-use from a thoroughly engaging lad I thought no more of until I saw The Farm singing "All Together Now" on Top of the Pops. It was Peter Hooton, their lead singer. Once again, Peel the talent-spotter had been ahead of his time.

  US rivals condemn Bin Laden threats
Well, what an effing (October) surprise, with four days to go Bin Laden rears his head to put the fear of Allah into the American public.

A transcript is here.
  random or it's time for a spring clean
Tonight I am playing a new game.
I am taking the blogspot.com url and appending a random word or phrase at the beginning. My first try: random.blogspot.com ain't great.

I may get bored of this game very quickly.

iraq - Hi Claire!
montypython - We demand a... post
war - what is it good for? *all together now*
Terry Pratchett - now this is a site I like. They must like Mr Pratchett but I can't understand what they are writing so cannot be annoyed by it.
Blair - yet again lost for words *cough*
Smoking Gun - no one found it.
manic - another ghost blog

So should blogger retire accounts if they are totally inactive?
I say yes.

Can you find an active blog using a single word? Answers in comments please.
And a link back to the post would also be much appreciated.
  Life in America

A set of often fascinating unposed photo's of our 'merkin cousins at work and play

(link via Rogi)
29 October, 2004
  Waiter Rant
I've been enjoying the Waiter Rant blog for about a week, but this conjured up images of Basil at his best.
  The Bush Crony Full-Employment Act of 2003
An eye opening look into the profiteering going on in Iraq and the names who stand to make the most. Brought to you by Dissident Voice.
  Globalvote 2004
Even if you are not a US citizen, the November 2 presidential election will have a huge impact on your life. The very idea of democracy requires that you should have a say in choosing who determines your destiny. This site therefore allows non-Americans to vote in the 2004 US presidential election.

GLOBALVOTE2004.ORG is totally neutral. You may vote for any candidate. Your vote will be kept secret. And you may only vote once.We will count the votes 48 hours before the election and submit the result to the US media. Just letting US citizens know how the world has voted could influence what looks like a tight race.
  Come Clean (George W. Bush: The Truth Hurts)
Nice one Tim
  Family Feud?
28 October, 2004
  Question Time in the USA
Sadly I'm working until 11pm tonight so will miss this live but will be watching it on the BBC site as soon as I get home. It's gonna be very very interesting.
The guests :
Michael Moore
David Frum
Sidney Blumenthal
Richard "Nazi" Littlejohn
Lida Rodriquez-Taseff

It's sure to be a corker!

Update - If you want to watch the full program go here
(requires RealPlayer)

Final update - the version I just watched cuts off before then end, and you get 5 mins of Crimewatch at the start. Still a great watch - if you like Jerry Springer - though you'll love the bits where David Dimblbey stands and chastises the audience for all speaking at the same time. And I found that at one point I agreed with Richard Littlejohn. I may share it once I'm over the trauma.
27 October, 2004
  Nice one PSYCHBLOKE - again.
I mentioned to a friend today, that whilst John Peel's death was terribly saddening, I felt that he would be very embarrassed by the attention it was getting.
"True" replied my friend, "He'll be turning in his grave, albeit at the wrong speed".

  Sorry! We can't find that page.
Best 404 page I've seen in a while!

Sadly the Chumba Wamba video I was looking for has disappeared
26 October, 2004
  John Peel
RIP John, you will be sorely missed.

John Peel 1939-2004 - Sleep soundly.

I've spent this afternoon reading and listening to the various tributes to John Peel and, to be frank, blubbing like a baby.
I've never been affected by the death of a personality like this before. It feels like a good friend has died. I have obviously succumbed to the cult of sentementality. That's what growing up on Merseyside does to you, eh Boris?

My sincere condolences go out to Sheila and the rest of the family. You have lost far more than we have, but that does not lessen our loss.

John was once quoted (regarding his favourite tune - Teenage Kicks) thus:
“Since the record came out I’ve never done a gig without it. And I can’t hear it without crying, so it had to be on there.” - at this moment in time it's having the same effect on me.

A few message boards have mooted the question "who will rise to take his crown?"
As far as I'm concerned - no one, and peril to anyone who attempts it.

In the short term I'm leaving my blog with this one post - I am talking to some people about a fitting tribute. More later.

25 October, 2004
UPDATE: I've put this here because of the geek stuff below
LGF has an interesting take on the organisation


Akamai is The Business Internet powering on demand computing solutions for e-business.

By coincidence they are also the people who host www.johnkerry.com, the official website of, um, John Kerry.

At the time of writing they also appear to be hosting www.georgewbush.com. But they don't.

For details of the hosting differences (geeks only) try here

oh - and here's the tracert info

first george - minus my IP details....

Tracing route to a434.g.akamai.net [] over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 1 ms <10 ms <10 ms goatboy.mshome.net []
2 30 ms 23 ms 23 ms lns-1.fast24.net
3 38 ms 35 ms 35 ms ge0-cr1.rbs.router.uksolutions.net
4 25 ms 32 ms 23 ms linxnap.netarch.akamai.com []
5 32 ms 35 ms 29 ms a434.g.akamai.net []

Trace complete.

Now John - same censorship

Tracing route to a338.g.akamai.net [] over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 <10 ms <10 ms 1 ms goatboy.mshome.net []
2 29 ms 22 ms 35 ms lns-1.fast24.net
3 23 ms 34 ms 23 ms ge0-cr1.rbs.router.uksolutions.net
4 33 ms 23 ms 23 ms linxnap.netarch.akamai.com []
5 27 ms 35 ms 23 ms a338.g.akamai.net []

Trace complete.

Two slightly different endings - but it would appear we have evidence of a DNS hack that has propogated in the UK - anyone else seen this?
HTTP 403 (Forbidden): "You are not authorized to view this page
You might not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials you supplied."

This was showing at 16:30 BST and now at 21:36 BST still the same. Are they just picking on me?

  www.ranzorising.com - Come Clean
Cheers (and welcome back) to manic for this link.

In order to minimise bandwidth leeching on the original site I am linking the download from my Geocities file dump area as well.
24 October, 2004
  Fugazi Live Audio / Video
A veritable booty box of fantabulousness.
Ok, I like Fugazi - If you've never heard them sit down, and be prepared for the godfathers of (what is now termed) melodic punk. If ya gonna buy an album 13 songs is a good starting point.
23 October, 2004
  George, God here ...
Terry Jones at his best as always

Link via Rogi

as is this - pure comedy - read the lot
  Hmmm, F15 scrambled?
Pity they weren't so on the ball when civillian lives where in danger, eh?

See also this

Cheers to Sgt Squarehead for the heads-up.
20 October, 2004
  Boris Goes Down to Liverpool and other more important stuff
So Boris has made his apologies, and hopefully a line can now be drawn in the sand. Watching the footage on the BBC news site left me with one slightly nagging doubt, that I want to voice, though I'm not going to persue an answer. When asked about the writer of the piece, Boris was somewhat flusterred. He quite rightly made the point that, as editor of The Spectator, he was responsible for the content and it was he who should cop the flak, but the flusterring made me wonder whether it was Mr Johnston (sic.) who dunnit.
With the decongestant, in the sick bed.

-------------------------------------- <- line drawn

Meanwhile back in the real world Richard Allan MP has a further update on the seizure of Indymedia's equipment earlier in the month. It seems that there may have been a breach of RIP. More here.

A smile and a thong - read all about the Smoketown Six, and if you like staring at men in thongs making a valid protest there's hot thong action *cough* (I think I found this at ATTU)

NO2ID have some flash movies up and are appealing for more.

And Finally
We come to the caption competition
View the photo here - leave your captions in the comments.
19 October, 2004
  london geezer walks a tight line
Mr Geezer has been discovering the lay of the land and by golly it's a great read. Which is more than can be said for this place.


I'm pleased to see Boris act in an honest, dignified and importantly plausable manner. It was in my opinion a terribly bad decision to run the article but his reaction has restored my faith in him. I've also decided to take down the text in the previous post, it's taking up space and can be found in other places.

16 October, 2004
  Howard Denounces Liverpool Article as 'Nonsense'
And for once I find my self agreeing with him.
The article in the Spectator is unforgivable. (subscription required so no link)

This was an exceptionally bad call, Boris.
Liverpool has something Mrs Thatcher once claimed no longer exists - a sense of community.
Whilst I doubt your sales will not diminush as The Sun's did after the Hillsborough tragedy, you're persona will be forever tarnished unless we see a full and complete apology on the front of the next issue of The Spectator.

And just when I was starting to think you were one of the nice guys. *sigh*

  Why the Magna Carta is ultimate authority
As a follow on from my previous post the text of the letter that drew my attention is thus:
(taken from here- this link may dissapear rather quickly as there does not appear to be a letters archive.)

THE Government is currently intending, through Clause 21(3)(j) of the The Civil Contingencies Bill to "disapply, or modify any Act of Parliament".
They sincerely believe that they can remove all past legislation, which makes up the legal and statutory patchwork of the British Constitution.
This consists of Magna Carta 1215 and the Bill of Rights 1688, together with 19 other Bills and Legislation.
However, they cannot "give", or "grant" themselves this power.
Our Common Law Constitution, is a contract between the Crown and the Sovereign people of this country.
The solution is a protective Clause inserted in the proposed, new Civil Contingencies Bill, which will protect all our Common Laws, and our Constitution forever.
Parliament cannot amend, alter or repeal. All that Parliament can do, is `amend legislation' from later years, when we did have a Parliament, and they implemented Magna Carta.
That is why Magna Carta is so very important, and why the people have to protect it. Indeed, they are duty bound to do so.
The most Parliament can do is activate Clause 42 of the Magna Carta, which states "that all men shall be free to come and go, except for a short period, in time of war".
Therefore the removal of our Constitution would be unlawful and illegitimate.
The Government thinks they can do as they like. They cannot - for they have to obey our Constitution, every bit of it, in the same way the people have to obey.

  Civil Contingencies Bill
Emphasis added by poons.

I was made aware of Clause 21 (3) (j) today by a letter (see next post) in the Worcester Evening News.

Namely :-
"Emergency regulations may make provision of any kind that could be made by Act of Parliament or by the exercise of the Royal Prerogative, in particular, regulations may..."

The Joint Committee was extremely concerned about this provision. Indeed so concerned were they that they listed twenty-two fundamental constitutional laws which should not, under any circumstances, be amended or removed (eg: the Magna Carta 1297 and the Bill of Rights 1688). Their report commented that this clause as set out in 21.3.j:

"allows regulations to disapply any Act of Parliament. In the wrong hands, this could be used to remove all past legislation which makes up the statutory patchwork of the British Constitution".

The government's response was to reject the need for a list of constitutional laws that should be protected from amendment or revocation under this Bill. Their rejection simply relies on a convoluted argument from Parliamentary Counsel namely that:

"each proposed exercise of such a power must be assessed by reference to whether or not it is within the class of action that Parliament must have contemplated when conferring the power"

The Parliamentary Counsel goes on to advise that "in the unlikely event of needing to use this power Parliament will not permit interference either with a general presumption or with a "constitutional" enactment". This leads the government to conclude:

"we cannot presently envisage circumstances in which this power would lawfully enable us to make a substantial amendment to a constitutional enactment".

The Joint Committee argued that if the government wished to even have the possibility of such a sweeping power then it should be subject to separate legislation. The government refusal to remove this clause leaves a hostage to fortune. As the Joint Committee observed:

"In the wrong hands, it could be used to undermine or even remove legislation underpinning the British Constitution and infringe human rights"

This is the most dangerous sweeping power ever contemplated in the entire history of democracy in the United Kingdom. The power would be used by a Secretary of State (probably the Home Secretary) and would not require any consultation with the Monarch or the Privy Council.

It would allow any Government to dismantle ALL PREVIOUS ACTS OF PARLIAMENT should they feel the need. This is equivalent of the US patriot acts ability to suspend the Constitution.

It must not be allowed to happen.
14 October, 2004
  Nuclear weapons materials 'vanish from Iraq'
This slipped under my radar, gonna go and do a bit more digging. For now here is The Scotsman's update. Google news comes good yet again

UPDATE on INDYMEDIA : Richard Allan MP has tabled a written question regarding the seizure of Indymedia's equipment. More here
13 October, 2004
  They say a picture paints a thousand words
Hats off to Psychbloke.
11 October, 2004
  Arrys Carlsberg Special Brew Site, A Drunks Guide
Brew is my favoured tipple. (listens as lots of readers go - arrrgh that's why he posts such bollox sometimes)

Actually that not true, I am an alcoholic who will get through 4-6 cans per 24 hours. This doesn't particularly bother me, I am a happy drunk always (except for one incident where tequilla was involved) and can afford this simple pleasure.

'Arry has done a lovely homage to this "Beer of the Gods" - my only advice is this.

1) Stick with it, it really is an acquired taste.
2) Always drink ice cold - or as the tin say "Best Served Well Chilled" - heh
3) I love you, No. I really do. And I'm not just saying that because ****barf****

Oh and BTW 'Arry - 8 cans in one sitting? Anytime mate, you bloody nancy boy.

As aside - this man seems to owe me a pint.

  US seizes independent media sites
This is outrageous. Indymedia have played an important part in many campaigns, most notably anti-globalisation.

I have to take issue with RC who I owe for the heads-up. The very name 'Indymedia' allowed them to bat off attempts by the SWP and other organisations who wanted to use them to push their own agendas. Whilst I conceed we are all peeing into the same pot, I as an ex-SWP member am happy that they maintained there 'indy' status. If you want to attack a 'sectarian quagmire' then could I suggest a little navel gazing may be in order?

More at Indymedia.
  A little part of my childhood died today
A hero both on and off the screen, and truly an inspiration.

Christopher Reeve 1952-2004.
  They breed 'em tough down under
This question does beg tho; why don't the wildlife officials leave the wild pigs alone, and maybe concentrate on the crocodile population first?
  Storm in a teacup over free tea
Could this be the final straw for the MOD. Did someone say military coup?
09 October, 2004
  Michael Moore's Blog
Michael is blogging again. So back on the blog roll it goes.
That said F911 (see blogroll) is providing regular updates, including the Y-Front scandal currently rocking America.

And some ace music choices as well - fires up WinMX

I finally got to see F911 (the film, not he blog) last week. After all I had read about it, it proved to be unshocking, but that's probably because I already knew about 98% of the information this film imparts.

*Aside* Sorry for the lack of regular blogging, my muse is currently suffering from Seasonal Affective Discordianism.

Golden Apples always look better in the midsummer sunlight.

06 October, 2004
  The importance of checking your facts
NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Vice President Dick Cheney told viewers Tuesday night they could verify his claims from the vice-presidential debate at an independent Web site -- www.factcheck.com -- but visitors to the site found a searing anti-Bush message
03 October, 2004
Miles Hunt. Rhymes with.....
  Vote Amerixa
For Godsake vote that despot out.
02 October, 2004
  Beau Bo d'Or
Pure Genius

Then check his profile here, that has a link to the website.
  The Strange Case of the Hanover High Shocker
Well I never knew what a Shocker was, but now I have seen the light! Thanks to Attu for this inspirational piece, and this one as well.
  Call Centre Confidential
Start at the beginning and work your way up.
I've just spent 5 hours reading this from start to

Monday, September 27, 2004
"Thank you for calling. Lines are closed. Please call back on Monday 4th October. Alternatively you can leave a message after the tone ..."

"Makes 'The Office' seem tame and 'Dilbert' seem to have an understanding boss" - poons


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