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31 December, 2007
  To Absent Friends...
I raise a toast and remember the good times. To Mo and Alan RIP. Now excuse me while I go and raise a toast with friends old and new and look forward to another 12 months on this rock we call home.

Love and Light to all, and a Happy New Year
28 December, 2007
  Poker wind up
Welcome to Valli

poons> do u mind this being filmed fpr a bbc program?

flushpuppy2> lol
flushpuppy2> witch 1???
poons> you willl be playing james may

poons> but we will have to restart

poons> u up 4 it?

flushpuppy2> y not
> Game # 898,923,852 starting.
flushpuppy2> go on the
flushpuppy2> then

poons> ok 10 mins - back here

poons> might as well plat the game

flushpuppy2> might as well
> poons wins 1,700 with Three of a Kind, Nines
> The tournament is now at level 2. Blinds are now 15.00/30.00

> Game # 898,924,047 starting.
flushpuppy2> jst press exit
> poons wins 45
> Game # 898,924,068 starting.
poons> nah james is still in makeup
flushpuppy2> ok then
poons> we won't use this
flushpuppy2> ill wait
> flushpuppy2 wins 315
> flushpuppy2 wins 375

flushpuppy2> y wont u take me out then
flushpuppy2> ????

poons> i'm just a researcher my job is done
> poons, you have 5 seconds to respond
> poons wins 750 with a Full House, Jacks full of Deuces
> flushpuppy2 has left the tournament in 2nd place
> poons has left the tournament in 1st place, winning 20

poons> can we keep the table going?
> The tournament will begin in 30 seconds
> The tournament will begin in 10 seconds
> Game # 898,924,388 starting.
> flushpuppy2 wins 80
> Game # 898,924,445 starting.
> flushpuppy2 wins 30
poons> brb

poons> ok - can i just check u know who james is?

flushpuppy2> wine drinkin, lady bird book readin t-w-a-t

> Game # 898,924,674 starting.
flushpuppy2> slight intrest in cars
poons> LOL = um yeah would u be able to hold the language back
poons> brb

> flushpuppy2 wins 1,900 with Three of a Kind, Queens

poons> the director is not happy with your attitude

> poons wins 1,180
> Game # 898,925,071 starting.
> poons, you have 10 seconds to respond

poons> we need some one else

*first game won by me*

flushpuppy2> of wot progamme
flushpuppy2> ???
> poons wins 1,200

poons> well working title is james learns poker

poons> i can't lose this seat could u throw it?

poons> LOL - but seriously we need this table
> poons, you have 10 seconds to respond
> flushpuppy2 wins 1,600 with Two Pair, Jacks over Sixes
> Game # 898,925,320 starting.
> flushpuppy2 wins 800 with a Flush, Diamonds
> poons has left the tournament in 2nd place
> flushpuppy2 has left the tournament in 1st place, winning 20
poons> fp was the perfect windup or what?
poons> come play
24 December, 2007
  Is it Christmas?
Well click the link and find out...

Right I'm off to consume my body weight in Gin and play some lack lustre poker.

Have a good one
  Happy Xmas (War is over)

Link found at B3ta links

Happy Xmas y'all eat,drink and be merry!
23 December, 2007
  Christmas greeting - B3ta stylee

22 December, 2007
  Merry Mid Winter
Ah 'tis that special time of the year.
The sun has moved aspect and now light is more abundant.
We will find from tomorrow that the days are longer and so it's time for summer holiday adverts to appear on telly again.
For those who suffer SAD it's gonna start getting better.
For those who suffer XMAS overspending syndrome, it may get better in March, but I doubt it.
For those who simply brought an evergreen into the house to remember that in the depths of winter life still goes on - well done you fucking hippy (that includes me).

As the year draws to a close light a candle to the ones you loved and lost this year, maybe have a little dance and then move on - It may be the darkest day, but hope springs eternal and before you know it you'll be complaining it's too hot, too wet or that you didn't get Glastonbury tickets again. (CLUE: there are better festivals out there)

It's a cycle you see, and I intend to cycle hard until I fall off my bike.

Happy Mid Winter all.

love and light

poons xx
10 December, 2007
  Public Anti-Christmas Carol Service in Parliament Square - Thu 20 Dec 2007

You are cordially invited to a public anti-Christmas carol service in Parliament Square at 6:30pm on Thursday the 20th of December 2007.

Candles and song sheets will be made available, with donations going to Medical Aid for Iraqi Children.

Click here for more information.

Sadly Londoninium is slightly more than a hop and a skip away these days, although it is a Thursday and I do have somewhere to crash in town these days... hmmmm. Wanders off to count my penny jar.
08 December, 2007
  New Model Army - nemosandman
NMA have been my favourite band for the least 20-odd years. I was pootling around youtube earlier and found these videos by a guy called nemosandman. They are quite brilliant. Purity stands out and I would dearly love to see one for Before I get Old if you find yourself here nemo

Tho's this one ain't hald bad either!

05 December, 2007

Many thanks to Wibbler - back on the block good to see ya - for this link. It is both very funny and seriously moving. I will be forwarding this to quite a few people, some who fit the ADHD diagnosis and some who have children who are labouring under the restrictive educational system which labels their children as in some way sub-normal.

If you know someone that fits either category or even if you think a friend will enjoy it for the laughs send it on. It deserves a very wide audience.

Direct link is here

Edit: Sir Ken mentions Sirena - She is here. Stunning.

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