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George W. Bush is coming to the UK... and we'll be waiting for him.
31 March, 2005
Doo doo doo do
(requires Windows Media Player)
30 March, 2005
  One Minute Fanfare for Charles and Camilla
A veteran composer has written a one minute fanfare celebrating the marriage of the Prince of Wales to Camilla Parker Bowles, it emerged today. Guests at St George’s Chapel, Windsor, will be the first and last to hear the brief Celebration Fanfare as the royal couple leave on April 8. Welsh composer Alun Hoddinott, 76, of Swansea, has written 60 seconds of music to accompany the closely choreographed movements of Charles and Camilla as they exit the chapel.

Not sure why but it brought this tune to mind. (MP3 from nostalgiacentral.com)

Shame it's 64 seconds long......
  Political Debate
Video 3 is now available at Backing Blair. It contains plenty of cuss words and farty noises - pass it around for all it's worth.

I'm finally back on a chunky 2mb line again so blogging in earnest will resume.

Oh and this should bring a smile to a few faces....
27 March, 2005
  Who is Doctor Who?
I managed to catch the new episode, and was suitably impressed. Lot's of running down corridors, some great one liners and a decent budget for special effects.

The link above ties into the first episode, nice touch I thought.
(link found at the Dr Who Appreciation Society site)

As an aside, had Rose Tyler used a decent search engine, the searching Doctor Living Plastic would have brought a 2nd result of this and Doctor Blue Box gives a plethora of hints as to what she was letting herself in for. Although the Google AD link on the left is a bit of an eyebrow riser.
26 March, 2005
  Statistics: Is the public able to trust the officials?
See if you can guess the answer before your read the article.....
By Waiter Rant
  Knock Knock
Who's back......

And I'm gonna miss it cos I've got to work.
I was gonna wax lyrically about the return of a CLASSIC bit of telly, but psychbloke's done a far better job than I could muster.
25 March, 2005
  Moo Said Zebedee
"That's my line" said Ermintrude.

"Humffff" said Rorschach, I must be on the wrong set, by the way, the rabbit.....

Smoking something, maybe fatal. Hummmfff.

Which in a somewhat contrived way leads me to this.

Note to lego fans (waves to Tim) more is here

Any how - poons is back, installed in a rather lovely new flat, sadly with no broadband until after the Easter festivities, and playing catchup on a 56k modem, which for those who have forgotten is like swimming through treacle.

Whilst I have been gone, I've been amassing stuff

#1 The fact that Tony Blair is a liar. Proof is available here.

but you're gonna have to wait for the rest.

Oh go on then - have one courtesy of darkstranger

12 March, 2005
  poons says
It's been a busy old week, I'm finally moving to my new flat this weekend with my new flatmate ADB so bloggage will continue at this somewhat muted pace.

Managed to make it to the Guildhall with minutes to spare to ensure my place on the electoral register is safe and am sad to hear that the man who turned me away from Catholisism has shuffled off to a better place.

The terrorism act finally made it's way through Parliament, and to be fair the opposition finally did what it says on the tin, though the meat of the bill remains which is unfortunate. On the up side it has meant that that the ID card bill has now been sidelined which gives you yet another reason to be Backing Blair.

Oh and Tim and crew have been showing off their latest handy work here

So have a great weekend y'all, Good Night. And may your God go with you.

Dave Allen
07 March, 2005
  Bush names hardliner as UN envoy
Not content with an ongoing campaign of refusing to pay dues to the UN, Bush now ups the ante by appointing a Neo-Con hawk as the next US ambassador to the UN.

Maybe he's still mad about this
06 March, 2005
  Blair 'up for it' ahead of poll
'I am an issue'
He said Britain was in danger of needless panic over public safety issues.
If you are afraid to take criticism you should go and do another job
Asked if he would quit as leader if he felt like a liability to Labour, he said: "It's important always not to do the job unless you feel you have something to contribute."
Whether he still had something to offer, he said, was a judgement for people to make.

There you have it people. Vote against Mr Blair, and he will listen. *cough*

Mr Blair's assessment is likely to be seen as a signal that replacing him would not bring an upsurge in fortunes for the Labour administration.

Hang on. How? I is foncussed.....

BTW Auntie Beeb has started up an election micro-site over here
04 March, 2005
  Crushing the UN for a Stronger America
Whilst there is nothing particularly surprising about the contents of this article, it still chills me.

See also.
03 March, 2005
  Another celebrity endorsment possibility...
Still nowt back from Chumba Wamba so target numero deux is Mr Norman Cook. Send him a mail and ask him to support Backing Blair

Link via The Returning Officer
  Google, having a giggle.....
Thoughtcrime may be a little off target as to why this happens but is still worth a giggle.
02 March, 2005
  howlingspoons says
Two requests.

1) if you visit this site and keep coming back please say hello in the comments, it's good to talk......

2) if you link to this site can I request a little google juice.

a) "Howlingspoons" is #1 on Google - not surprising - please link to howlingspoons.tk, I will be sorting out some webspace once I've moved into my new gaff.

b) poons is #3 because of some crappy restaurant (and that is not my opinion having never dined there) and a bloke called Larry who has the surname Poons

Either way. Stroke my ego and I'll love you forever

  Dull Men's Club
I get out too much these days, this is a pleasant relief.

Found at this list of other such nonsense.
Running Windows?
Worried about security?
Want an easy way to sort it?

Try this little gem (BTW 'tis good for most versions of Windows.)

Cheers to DarkStranger for the link, and if you like the program pop over and send him some love, he's feeling a wee bit down at the moment.

  Error 404 : Page Not Found
Cheers to Blogmonkey for that - made me giggle.
  A tune for Mr Blair
Mouthfull of shit was written by Chumba Wamba back in 1994, and was later dedicated to Mr Blair. Download the MP3 using the above link and then sing along here.

I've mailed them to see if they will get behind the campaign.
And leached an image (me bad)

click on image to buy a T-Shirt (me good)

You can never have enough anti-war songs heh
  Thoughtcrime is Death
Cheers to Tim for this link. Looks like it's gonna be a good read. Welcome to my blogroll.
  Closet Toryism
Tim points out there are those out their who believe Backing Blair is a Tory front.

Just for the record, I have never been a Labour Party member but have never voted any other way (apart from the original London Mayoral elections when it was Ken and LSA for the assembly). I have been a card carrying active member of both CPGB and SWP, but I'm better now.
I am a leftie liberal and I don't want a Tory government. I do however want to see Blair consigned to the arsehole of political history and the only way that is going to happen is slap the blighter down.

So when I read stuff like this and this I really can't help thinking of this.

On the basis that Labour appear to have built a strong economy, lowered unemployment, supported the NHS invested in roads (and lots and lots of speed cameras), should we forgive them Blairs sins? The improvement in this country is down to one thing - a sensible fiscal policy under the rock steady hand of Gordon Brown. So for those who think we are closet Tories, I ask you one question.

What has Tony Blair ever done for us?

Brian: Are you the Judean People's Front?
Reg: Fuck off.
Brian: What?
Reg: Judean People's Front. We're the People's Front of Judea. Judean People's front, caw.
Francis: Wankers.
Brian: Can I join your group?
Reg: No. Piss off.
Brian: I didn't want to sell this stuff. It's only a job. I hate the Romans as much as anybody.
PFJ: Sssh. Ssssh, sssh, sssh, ssssh
Judith: Are you sure?
Brian: Oh. Dead sure... I hate the Romans already.
Reg: Listen. If you really wanted to join the PFJ, you'd have to really hate the Romans.
Brian: I do.
Reg: Oh yeah? How much?
Brian: A lot!
Reg: Right. You're in. Listen. The only people we hate more than the Romans are the Judean People's Front.
PFJ: Yeah
Judith: Splitters.
Francis: And the Judean Popular Peoples Front.
PFJ: Oh yeah. Splitters.
Loretta: And the peoples Front of Judea.
PFJ: Splitters.
Reg: What?
Loretta: The Peoples front of Judea. Splitters.
Reg: We're the Peoples front of Judea.
Loretta: Oh. I thought we were the Popular Front.
Reg: Peoples Front.
Francis: Whatever happened to the Popular Front, Reg:?
Reg: He's over there.
(A single old man sits on a lower seat.!)
PFJ: (To the old man.) SPLITTER!

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