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George W. Bush is coming to the UK... and we'll be waiting for him.
29 January, 2008
  Hi, my name's Josh...

Just something suitably silly. No other reason.
28 January, 2008
  Why some science is a really bad idea.
Just found this article over at Damn Interesting. It concerns a species of seaweed bred/engineered for indoor aquariums. It is fast growing - 3 inches per day, resilient to pollution, and tastes so awful noting will eat it. And then it got let loose in the wild... Read the article to see just how bad that is and then consider this next story.

It concerns a laboratory in the USA. They do experiments with "hemorrhagic fever". One of the causes of said fever is Ebola. It's a tenacious little virus, with no known cure and a shocking fatality rate.

Does this strike anyone as a bad idea?
  All this online sharing has to stop
From the Guradain online technology pages.

You know what I say? Damn right. Let's get ISPs to stop copyright infringement. But, um, music people? Better form an orderly queue. You think you were the first to suffer from your content getting ripped off and spread to the four corners of the earth? Get to the back of the line, bud. There's a few people ahead of you. Let me introduce, first, the newspaper industry.
26 January, 2008
  Sumfink - a top tip
When buying a Clipper lighter - remove the flint stick pokey thing (actually known as 'sumfink' - "Excuse me mate have you got a match or sumfink") and turn the screw on the flint until it pops out - now put it back in but just enough for it to grip.

This will enhance the working life of your clipper, flint and scrapy wheel thing greatly.
  Inspired by Rachel - let's all have a happy weekend

Rachel has posted a lovely video of what I guess is a favourite classical piece.

The above is favourite for me because it is digital - no sampled violins, no sampled anything and yet it still creates the emotional response required. And as an aside - Madonna's 'Ray of Light' album will always be referred to that Bill Orbit LP with the guest vocalist.

Oh go on then.

So tell me - what is your happy tune?
  Gordon's EU Nightmare

Love him or hate him, he still remains one of the best stand-up comedians the Commons has ever produced.
Hat tip to Mr.E for the find
  We Are Anonymous...

Watching this gave me a warm fuzzy feeling, but guys I feel you are setting your sights too low. Lets end all organised religion. I am happy saying this safe in the knowledge that I belong to a dis-organised religion ;-)

Hat tip to Mr Monkey for the link

Update 11/2/08 - here
24 January, 2008
  Citizen Smith
No not wolfie.
Can't embed. Click here

Will only be live for 7 days
16 January, 2008
  Rational Geekery
Tyger's new home for dispossessed nerds.
15 January, 2008
  Weird Week 2

Bill Cooper was one of the first people with any creadance that I heard

This is part 1/9. the first 6 only

Stay with me - it is all leading somewhere.

oh and this needs to be sent around the globe

14 January, 2008
  Weird Week #1a

Weird Week got a bit, well, odd last night.

This is a spacer but will gel in somewhere so keep watching.
12 January, 2008
  Weird Week #1

Where poons tells more secrets than he should.

For your taster - 1 hour and 21 minutes of lovelyness - really

If you don't watch it - you won't understand the rest.
05 January, 2008
  What if?
Marcus Brigstocke on climate change
03 January, 2008
  Factory - From Joy Division To Happy Mondays.
This is superb - I grew up in the North West with a sister who was besotted by Tony Wilson. Seeeing some old clips of the man took me way back.

Also loved his description of the 40odd bands he put on telly and how everyone went on to greatness but what about the 500odd he didn’t?

"They were all crap and that includes the Boomtown Rats!"

I would guess my sister would agree with that considering how many times "The Fine Art of Surfacing" was played back in the day.

Cheers to Smashing Telly - top site as always I really should get there more often.

cf. Previous post on the subject

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