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George W. Bush is coming to the UK... and we'll be waiting for him.
21 November, 2007
  Why, That’s Delightful!
Soon to be on a blogroll near over there.

Hat tip to Nick Barlow
13 November, 2007
  Abusing Freebies
b3ta.com qotw (Question of the Week) is currently asking about how people have abused freebies.

This is not a personal experience and is a long read - but by $deity it's worth it.
12 November, 2007
  Liberal England: Win a copy of the Taking Liberties DVD
Ronseal - Well worth a punt
07 November, 2007
  Navigor again

Navigor is my 2nd best hit - it could be better.

I'm in touch with several people who are monitoring their actions being number 2 hit for the term Navigor (hint this could change)

P got in touch; it's a tidy round up.

From his (Albert) forum , a question is put forward by "prussianblue" . I suspect this is one of our lot despite the name as they give some links with egards to race hate crime suggesting it is a real problem . Albert has locked the orum to prevent replies and given two very revealing replies that twist reality and talk of Muslims not seeing themselves as British and wanting shariah law, as well as the the real situation being British people being discriminated against. Note how un-political he is.


"Prussianblue" questions the fact his post has been edited and wants debate.


I mention this as others have gone on there to wind Albert up subtlety, been
banned and had their identity stolen , notably "franciszekweems " a "Polish" immigrant with poor English wanting to join.He did manage to get this out of junior member J.Dawns ( the other equally unpleasant junior is guardiansaint)

See here

"No disrespect,Franciszek , but I live in Blackburn where we now have a large Polish ommunity. Unfortunately,the said Polish community have done nothing but create problems,whether it be violence or organised crime. The problem we have here is that the Polish community are at loggerheads with the Asian community for whatever reason(at the moment,it seems to be drugs and prostitution...),so I,as a Blackburn citizen,would prefer that neither was in my town;I also understand that there are good,hardworking folk from BOTH communities,but right now,it seems that the bad elements are rearing their ugly heads and I find this totally unacceptable...After all,we were not ASKED if we wanted either communities present in our town.
Nu-Labour will be the death of this country."

Albert's response to the Guardian pieces , claiming to be taken out of
context . Oh the irony.

Albert suggests starting a leafleting campaign , members to meet the costs
not him . I find this very worrying.

Albert has started a blog , so far he has skewed crime figures and attacked the major parties.

**Ed note this is new to me **

The first result on a Google search for elathena ( only 9results ) gives


which is the newsvine homepage of Michael Wallace . Also known as Wallis elsewhere , he has on newsvine and elsewhere like digg tried to promote the National Vigilante League. According to Foundyouout , he has also on derbygripe made statements like "No wonder more people are voting for the BNP " and the like.

Enter elathena into google groups and you get this page

The first entry , paedophiles charter is from none other than Peter Smart who has his fingerprints all over the
early incarnations of the navigor site. His email given here selathena@yahoo.co.uk . This is for 30 Nov 2006 . The earlier enteries on this email address are a few from june and earlier are regards to "google.public.support.general" .

Incedently , Albert makes an early call for members on google groups on Nov 29 2006

Finally , Albert or his minions are back to trawling the local press despite
a ban .

The newspaper ban was engineered by a friend. It is interesting that they are backout there. Seconds away round two.

I have Alberts phone number and if he a has modicum of sense he could get mine.
Call me Albert - give me access to you and your friends. It will just be me and a camera crew. Channel 4 or BBC. Your call.. All I want is you to say you do not support the BNP - you are not a member of the BNP and you have NEVER been a member of the BNP

If it was true. It wouldn't be hard to say, would it?

Comments are as always open.
04 November, 2007
  Worcester NO2ID
Worcester is due it's first meeting of the newly formed NO2ID groups this Wednesday (More details here), looks like it may well be a short meeting if this is to be believed.
02 November, 2007
  Nadine Dorries
Nadine Dorries has a blog. That link isn't to it. .This is why

getting a bit more serious

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