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30 September, 2004
  Five Miles and counting!
Poor little fella must be knackered!

Oh and for those of you of a certain age - this may bring a memory or two.
  no ID cards no 2 id against id cards and citizens' database biometrics false arguments on terrorism
Possibly the longest title
Possibly the most annoying 'web tech'
Good read tho'

[poons - normal service sometime soon - lots on]
28 September, 2004
  I quite like gaffe of the day
  Just in case you've alll forgotten
  Blair's Speech
The breakdown of the speech is from here
The formatting and emphasis is mine.

Tony Said:

The prime minister began by expressing his "support and solidarity" for British hostage Ken Bigley and his family and sent his condolences to the latest British casualties in Iraq

[poons - can someone check when the last time he used the word solidarity]

Mr Blair said problems of trust stemmed from decisions and judgements he had made since the 11 September terror attacks
Saying he wanted to tackle the Iraq issue "head on", he said: "I can apologise for the information that turned out to be wrong but I can't sincerely apologise for removing Saddam"

[poons - the information was wrong - has anyone paid the price?]

Terrorists in Iraq were not there to liberate the country and were not provoked by coalition actions, argued Mr Blair

[poons - were not provoked by coalition actions - did you know my real name is Susan?]

Whatever the differences over the war, Mr Blair urged delegates to unite by standing by Iraqis and being determined to see the job through
The law should be changed to make religious discrimination unlawful as part of showing British Muslims they were being treated fairly
Mr Blair promised to make a personal priority of reviving the Middle East peace process after November, when the US elections happen, saying it would do more to defeat terrorism than bullets ever could.

[poons - Personal - that means if it fails, you go.]

Election prospects
"Here we are, facing the possibility, unique in our 100 year history of governing Britain for a third successive term," said Mr Blair.
The "third term mission" had to be making Britain a country "where power, opportunity and wealth are in the hands of the many, not the few"
He said he wanted the 21st century to be dominated by progressive politics, with conservatism only punctuation marks

[poons - would that be an exclamation mark or a full stop?}

"With the courage of our convictions we can deliver the third term and the lasting change," he said
He concluded: "I tell you conference, it is worth the fight now let's get out and do it."

[poons - you first then (make a change from the last local elections ) ]

The third term

[poons - I was considering doctering the above title to third reich. I didn't]

Mr Blair gave 10 pointers to what could be expected from another Labour government:
Economy: Low mortgage rates, rising living standards, more jobs in every region of the UK, special help for the first time homebuyers and tax reliefs for the "many not the few"
Skills: The same commitment to vocational training as given to academic education, including 300,000 modern apprenticeships
Schools: A choice of a good specialist school for every parent; 200 new City Academies in inner city areas; new powers for head teachers to tackle school disruption; modern sports facilities as schools are rebuilt; working to bring the Olympics to Britain in 2012
Health: Patients able to choose their hospital and book treatment times; waiting times down to 18 weeks; 100 new hospital schemes; 2,700 GP premises improved
Families: Universal, affordable and flexible childcare for parents of all three to 14-year-olds
Retirement: increased numbers moving off benefit and into work and using the savings to design a pension system with the basic state pension at its core, helping hard-working families
Technology: An extra £1bn investment in science; more support for small business; broadband would be brought to every home that wants it by 2008 in an effort to end the "digital divide"
New approach to law and order: dedicated policing teams for all communities; a radical extension of compulsory drug testing for offenders; doubling of investment in drug treatment; trial without jury for organised criminals trying to intimidate jurors
Asylum: More asylum seekers to be removed from Britain than applied each month; electronic registration of all those who cross national borders; but welcome for lawful migrants

[poons - sheesh I'm in tears here what a socialist utopia.

Oh! Hang on.

Economy: tax reliefs for the "many not the few" Socialist = tax reliefs for the poor, increases for the few

Schools: What happened to removing education by priviledge? - oh wait

Mr Blair pointed to key changes Labour had achieved: including
* record economic success - Gordon Brown
* investment in health and education - Gordon Brown
*drives against pensioner winter problems and Northern Ireland peace - Gordon Brown and Mo Mowlem

"Why is government so tough? Because for all the progress, life is still tough for not hard working families," he went on

[poons - not sure if that is a a typo or a bushism?]

He saluted Gordon Brown as the country's best ever chancellor and John Prescott as "the strongest, most loyal, occasionally most outspoken deputy any leader would ever hope for"

[poons - obligatory arse licking]

The prime minister said he could not take the Liberal Democrats seriously and Tory leader Michael Howard was no longer doing well because people had remembered him

[poons - obligatory rattle stick in empty bucket]

Mr Blair insisted "choice" was not a Tory word as long as it was done equally and not by wealth

[poons- cue complete dissafectedness]
  Snow Mail sums it all up yet again
Basra deaths overshadow Blair speech

Two soldiers' deaths in Basra in an ambush provided a sombre Iraqi backdrop to today's Blair moment at Labour's conference. The leader turned on the pre-planned magic - entering the hall to a standing ovation, strategically-planted cameras at every turn, and another backing along in front of him to record the adulation from the delegates.

There was a most awkward disjunction as Blair tried to turn the corner from arrival to 'in memoriam,' completing the operation with a cheery indication of "right let's get on..." as he launched into his speech.

Pretty soon the lone war protestor crying 'blood on your hands' got up and shouted and was summarily removed.

It was a beautiful Blair speech, no question. Well crafted, well delivered as only he knows how. He was motoring happily along with not a peep from the so many delegates that grumble to one in the wings about the war and the 'terrible misjudgement'.

When suddenly, a bellow and kerfuffle in the most prominent seats in the balcony right in Blair's eyeline, yes - the Ledbury set has struck again. Of more than half a dozen suited respectable types two of them were of the Commons Invasion Brigade (who struck two weeks ago).

May I be forgiven a question? What on earth is UK internal security doing if it keeps no trace of these chaps? No, maybe you're right, it's a free country, and they played on that freedom. They even managed to leave disruptive noisy little bleepers bleeping away long after they themselves had been ejected.But the speech was comprehensive and of both past and future, and far more elegantly wove the intellectually-suspect link between 9/11, Afghanistan and Iraq into a seamless tale. Far more effectively than Bush's cruder linkages have ever achieved.

The delegates were buoyed and confident as they filed out after.Stench of dead horse split the Brighton air outside as maybe 10,000 pro-fox hunting protestors took to the sea shore. Some went further, delicate debutantes stripped to their bras, to the huge excitement of attendant cameras, and took to the icy Brighton waves. The dead horse was left within smelling distance of the conference centre and business was resumed.

I will comment on Blair speech in my next post
  Gerrymandering in the USA
Tue 28 Sep, 20:00 - 20:40 40 mins - BBC RADIO 4 (times are BST)

In the past five years, the practice of redrawing electoral districts for political advantage has expanded out of control in the United States. What does this mean for democracy?

Should be worth a listen. (Link requires Real Player usually - click on listen live)

As an aside, I always thought that the phrase Gerrymadering was a UK coined term. It isn't.
  October Surprise!
Just what will George and his cronies pull to ensure a second term?
Take a guess and win the undying respect of fellow political commentators (or something)

then check out the blog

Link from Attu.
  Government Insider Says Bush Authorized 911 Attacks
Keep in mind when reading this, that the man being interviewed is no two-bit internet conspiracy buff.

Stanley Hilton was a senior advisor to Sen Bob Dole (R) and has personally known Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz for decades. This courageous man has risked his professional reputation, and possibly his life, to get this information out to people.

The interview took place on 10th September 2004, so far none of the mainstream press have covered it.

For ongoing coverage see http://suetheterrorists.net.

UPDATE: see also http://www.activeopposition.com/911TruthOut.htm
The original suit was filled on June the Third.

I've sent a link to the information to Channel 4 news.
They like a scoop. Fingers crossed.

UPDATE II: http://www.opednews.com/dinan_092104_father.htm

  New Labour History
A somewhat scathing look at the rise of New Labour.
27 September, 2004
Someone pass the blogroll.....
26 September, 2004
  How to Do It: 9 Steps to Votergasm
I demand a similar campaign in the UK come next General Election!
  George Bush Resumé
25 September, 2004
  Read the disclaimer above the FBI Anti-Piracy warning
link from tinylittledots
  Occupy, Resist, Produce: New Documentary "The Take" Takes on Globalization
Ironically, whilst reading this article (found at tinylittledots) I was listening to Marilyn Manson's cover of Working Class Hero. And whilst we may still be "fucking peasants", a working class hero is something to be. Watch the clip - it is absolutely superb.
24 September, 2004
  300 Posts, 2000 hits. (and 4 miles since September 1st!)
On 1st September I installed Mouse Odometer on my home PC. Since then my trusty input device has slid four miles in a 4 inch by 6 inch space. Ironically the milestone pop-up occurred as I went to write this my 300th post. And I finally pushed over 2000 hits this week, and what with Tim taking a well earned rest I suspect that I will be attracting a larger audience in the next week. Huzzah! and Hello to anyone coming here for the first time - do say hello in the comments. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and you usually get a bit of blogrolled Google juice, unless I don't like the cut of your gib! (What does that mean?)

Anyway it would appear that the link above is due for renewal so you could try here *spits*.

So, can I make it to 5 miles and 400 posts before then end of the month? I'll give it a go!
  Virus Threats and Analysis
This rather nice Virus threat analysis is brought to you by the people behind NOD32, which is the most reliable AV program
available. I've been trialling it for a while and it beats everything.

or to quote their blurb - For more than six years, NOD32 remains the only antivirus system in the world that has not missed a single 'In the Wild' virus in the prestigious tests performed by the international authority on virus prevention, recognition and removal - Virus Bulletin.

  Just Say Sorry, Tony
Every bit of pressure than can be heaped on Blair in the run up to his conference speech is needed.

22 September, 2004
  The Thoughts of Chairman Tim
PM e-mailable [check]
First bloggage from an MP (Labour) - Tom Watson [check]
First bloggage from an MP (Conservative) - Boris 'Blogger' Johnson
My money is on Simon Hughes as first Lib Dem Blogger.
I've lived in his patch.
He needs to start a blog now,
One day he will lead the LibDems to power.{1}

The UK political weblog movement is Tim's.

{1} May contain factual errors = I hope not.

Update: As Tim has pointed out in the comments to this post Richard Allan is a Lib Dem and a blogger - I'd still like to see Simon Hughes blogging though.
  Deity in action
Thanks to Tim for this snipppet which will make me sleep sound in my bed tonight.
  The Official God FAQ
(link via rogi)

Cheers Rogi - best laugh I've had since this (link from tim)

I'm just glad I chose my deity late in life
  Too many good links
Although I particularly liked the greasychipbuttysong....
  Name, nomenclature, tag, label (see also nicknames)
DG is looking for info on the shifting patterns of popular names.

Go and post a comment and as an extra bonus find out what my real name is.

As an aside to the comment I posted, I just noticed that my middle name (Michael) appears in both the 1964 and 1974 lists and only dropped one place. Michael was my paternal Grand-Father who died long before my birth.

Oh and if your are really really bored - I wasn't - then click here for nicknames.

  Wind Farms
Again from Blogmonkey.

I'm 100% behind windfarms. I actually find them somewhat majestic, and rather than blighting the area, add a lovely dynamic to what is still a beautiful view, and the sound they make if you get reasonably close to them is absolutely ace.

David Bellamy has been a strong opponent for 10 years, one reason being their impact on birds and other flying beasties that don't spot them, but he also argues that they are viewable for a distance of 10km. Um, know I've heard the phrase "blind as a bat", but "blind as a bird"? Nope, doesn't ring a bell.
Check out the myths page if you are unsure....
Cor what a "fair and balanced" post that was.

Edit: Anyone want to take a guess how long it will be before Mr Bellamy adopts this line?
  I'm suddenly feeling peckish
(link shamelessly stolen from Mr Monkey)
Another policeman's blog and a Giltsharp winner to boot.
Congrats Mog and welcome to the blogosphere. Duly blogrolled.
20 September, 2004
  Boris 'Blogger' Johnson
I big congratulations to Tim and Wibbler for gently dragging Boris Johnson into the blogosphere. This will undoubtably be a highly entertaining site, and so is a most worthy addition to my blog roll.
19 September, 2004
  The Turing test and intelligence - abelard
Don't click the link yet.

I once lived in a bedsit that was made up of 12 different 'sits'.
The bedsit on the ground floor front (always the worst - you end up answering the door) was filled by a scottish guy, several years my younger. He had been placed there by the probation service (his crimes unknown). I thought he was a waste of space until one night he invited me in to his abode.

The room was filled with 4 of his mates, and on the bed lay a chess board. We had a smoke and then one of them asked me if I played chess. I rose to the challenge, and despatched his king in about 20 moves, then the scottish guy offered a re-match.

I was decimated, about 7 moves if I recall correctly. It was only then that he told me that he had been the Scottish youth chess champion several years in a row.

Two morals:

1) Never judge people by their appearance
2) Chess can only teach you so much

Now you can click the link above.
16,077 words
296 posts
1945 hits

some think 2000 hits demands a wooo
some think 300 posts is a hoopla
some nerds think that 16,536 is a yay

i however am above these fickle numbers

23,000 hits or death

(This infomertial was brought to you by the the th'

i can't say it bob.

please click there -------> *

and may Eris Bless America

Please note lack of linkage - please link to this post using the phrase "Eris Bless America"

It's the last chance to get Bush out. Trust me on this, I once dated a Wiccan.

  Pay attention at the back
Queenie (not sure which blog to link so have her profile) pointed out my tendency to link from the title and then add further reading in my post.

This may be causing some confusion.
I link to the main article in the post from the title and then sometimes I add further reading in the post.

Is that clearer?

No, I didn't think so either.

In the meantime, Queenie, which blog do you want on my blog roll?

Oh, and as aside, Diamond Geezer is watching me, he's already on the blogroll so go read him. He is really rather good but I ain't gonna link any of the old stuff because it is worth reading it all.
Find your own gems.
  If you really really really need to talk to poons
then I've set a new Yahoo account up just for you.
A G-Mail acount would have been nice but I'm not one to beg and no one has offered so this will do.

poons2323 a_round Yahoo splot co splot uk

Ah sod it - lets see how long it takes for the spam bots


G-Mail would still be nice - I do have pop3 account for invites....


18 September, 2004
  Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day.....
I'm in random blog finding mode today.
Upto now they've mostly been 'not very good'*.
And then I found diamondgeezer.
So i'm off to read his archive.
And then I've got to go back to work, yes back.
Drag me in at 8am and then send me home only to drag me back in for the graveyardshift = p*ssed up idiots who are oh so side splittingly hilarious.
Anyway, like the can of superdupernumbmepleasegodnumbemenow-strength lager I'm drinking, I'm not bitter.


*may mean 'complete and utter bollox' in some areas.
  I just wait for the lead to go slack.....
Sorry couldn't resist.
My Dad served with 2 Para during WWII, so I have a hearty respect for these guys. Wish I had the bottle to hurl myself out of an airplane, it must be such a buzz.
  Something Funny Happened On The Way To Abu Ghraib (500KB Flash)
Sorry Tim, meant to link this yesterday....
17 September, 2004
  Dead Men Left: "The Surrey branch of Class War"
I am fairly sure that if a bunch of 'anarchists' had broken into the Commons chamber in 2000 - long before TWAT then they would have been shot, as would I and my other Guerilla Gardeners, perhaps.
  Worst analogies ever written in a high school essay
"McBride fell 12 stories, hitting the pavement like a Hefty Bag filled with vegetable soup."

(a perilous link)
  Resolute Cynic
The collapse of the vote for the mainstream parties continues in East London - but as always it's polarised. Hence the victory for the BNP in Dagenham, with a large majority over Labour.

I absolutely agree with RC on this one. The growth of the BNP in run-down areas should be a major concern to everyone.

This article is 2 years old, but still retains relevance.

To quote: Although the BNP stands on a law-and-order ticket, many of the BNP’s leading figures have criminal records. The party’s group development officer has 12 convictions for crimes that include storing explosives and assaulting a Jewish schoolteacher.

The BNP’s southeast London organiser has 17 convictions for crimes including burglary, theft and drugs offences. The East Midlands organiser has a conviction for assaulting a lawyer in Mansfield and the Burnley organiser was jailed for three months for electoral fraud.

Mr Griffin has called in the past for the far Right to make progress by the use of “well-directed boots and fists”.

Nevertheless, the criminal pasts and racist convictions of the BNP leadership have not prevented it making progress in the small number of council seats it has aimed at.

The BNP are a bunch of thugs and criminals, from the very top to the scum suckers at the bottom.

  Peter's Evil Overlord List
You know I think he could be onto something.
Particulalrly liked No. 99 /geek

(link via attu )
  If you can, you should.
  The Dubya Report - Audio/Video
Knock yourself out. No, Really.
16 September, 2004
  There is nothing worse
than sitting down. Getting into the flow of things,
and then realising you have no blogroll.

Mine's dissapeared, I was trying to put it into alphabetical order and now it's gone, and so has the main site.

It will probably be back by the time you read this, but I hate it when there is no blogroll.

  Conspiracy Realities - The New American - August 23, 2004
If I keep up at this rate i'll have to start handing out tinfoil hats at the door, however this one is a little more believable. Why? Because it is a conspiracy fact.
  Sovereignty and the Immorality of Corporations
This issue deals with the question of sovereignty and the ethics and legality of corporations. There is an old saying: 'If you won't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.'
Morally upright people have been standing on the sidelines and not stopping corruption, even when they know when and where it exists.

This is a superb background to the reason why Corporate America has been acting in an un-constitutional manner since day one.
I look forward to the next 2 parts.
  Fox Hunting - An um.. 'alternative' view.
Large pinch of salt not included.

I found this link whilst playing a new game on Google.
Type consipracy and then any other word or phrase and see what you get. Hours of fun for all the family, just don't forget your tinfoil hats.
  Agent Provocateur : Shes Lost Control
Tony the Gimp! bwahahahahaha

(link also via F911)

Edit: NSFW
  Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums
Quicktime or Real media ditty about everbodies favourite wanker.
Sorry. That should be Wanker with a capitol (sic) Dubya.

Link from F911
  Media Carta - Adbusters Culturejammers
Legal Battle: Adbusters Takes TV Networks to Court
On September 15, Adbusters launched a legal action against four of Canada's biggest television broadcasters - CTV, CanWest Global, CBC and CHUM. With prominent civil rights lawyer Clayton Ruby as our lead counsel, we're fighting for the right to buy airtime for our advocacy spots.

Read about and then sign the manifesto
  The MovieWavs Page
I was gonna do some blogging tonight, and then I found this.
Save it for the weekend, there is too much you will want to download.
15 September, 2004
  A Brief History of Spoons
Fair brought a tear to my eye that did

(link from Attu)
14 September, 2004
  Guy Fawkes
Guy Fawkes : the only man ever to enter the Palace of Westminster with honest intentions.
  Met warns over 'copycat' protests
If I wear a pink tutu will I be a copycat?
Just wondering thas all.

Though it is jolly decent of auntie beeb to provide details of the route you should take.....
  Should hunting with dogs be banned?
I've just voted. Yes, naturally and posted the following comment.

Of course it should. The Labour Party have promised it would happen time and time again, if they fail this time who is ever going to trust them again. Um, hang on....

I doubt it will see the light of day.
  Reclaiming the Swastika
I'm currently planning a new tattoo, well a number actually to form an entire back piece. I'd planned on having a number of symbols that have personal meaning down my spine, starting at the stylised yin-yang on the bottom of my neck, down to the small of my back.

I've been umming and arring about a swastika device for some time - I know the real meaning of the symbol before it was hijacked - and now I've found a web site that does it justice.

Find out - and reclaim it.
13 September, 2004
  Posted without comment
Can I jump to this parallel universe now, please?
11 September, 2004
  self evident `
listen..,. hear the train

3 years on
still no real answers
i despair

I was working at home on 11/9/2001
I was listening to Radio 4
I switched the TV on
I was astonished

One day I will understand this atrocity
until then
I will fight the men in power who let this happen

  The Bush Crime Family and 911
Watch Bush Family Values - watch it now and then link it.
And may your deity bless America.

(56 minute documentary - via the BBC)
10 September, 2004
  Save The Labour Party
picked this link up from Balders

I'm a little uneasy about throwing my outright support at it.
I have some nagging doubts, which will need me to contact the people behind the campaign to establish who they are and what they really stand for.

That said, if we can get a 3rd term with a socialist agenda then I'm in. Hell, I may even join the local Labour party.
  It's Political Incorrectness gone mad :: The London News Review
The Daily Mail has gone all frothy at the mouth, again.
  Just One Question...
And a very simple one at that...

(link via bloggerheads)
  Toys for boys
Now that's what I call a model airplane.

(link from the ever excellent B3TA newsletter)
  Who is this man?
The comments to this post make interesting reading. *cough*
09 September, 2004
  You say MozzCow and I Say MossCo......
Welcome to the blogosphere Mike - another random referral.
  Google Search: remainderware
I used this phrase to a housemate earlier today.
The search result is quite a surprise.
I nearly made another new word.
  Sterilise and Arm them....
India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh has found that gun licences are more popular than sterilization procedure. Officials, concerned about the low take up for sterilization procedures have launched a scheme where by male citizens who opt for sterilization are offered a gun licence.


(link via Rachel)
08 September, 2004
  Blade Runner - What A Wonderful World
One of my favourite tunes, set to scenes from Blade Runner, my favourite flick. I'm a happy poons.

The other stuff is ace too.
  Close but no cigar
I used to know someone called Sploote. He was an incredibly talented musician. At one point he guested with Echo & The Bunnymen. Strangely enough, E&TBM provided the track Killing Moon for Donnie Darko. So I just googled Sploote Echo.
One hit! A Googlewhack I thought. First one ever. Sadly they don't recognise the word Sploote. Strange that. Maybe if I knew his real name I could try again. Maybe I should ask Stig.....
07 September, 2004
  Animal rights
Looks like the jury is still out on vivisection. I'm generally against it, I'm also generally against the extreme actions of AVs.
It makes for a wishy washy standpoint.

It does seem, however, that the home office is issuing more and more licences to carry out the process.

Maybe we could take some ideas from the late, great Bill Hicks. I know I keep coming back to him, but he spoke the truth (which is why the CIA killed him, allegedly)

You know. I had a great idea for the movies. No-one wants to fucking hear it, I don't know why. I was watching Terminator 2 and I'm thinking to myself, these are the most amazing stunts I have ever seen. A hundred million dollars it cost to make this film. How are they ever gonna top these stunts in a movie again? There's no way. Unless...

they start using terminally ill people...


Hear me out...

...as stuntmen in pictures.

Okay not the most popular idea ever, but I prefaced it with that. What you know, some of will probably think that's cruel, don't you? "Ooh cruel, terminally ill stuntpeople Bill. How cruel."

You know what I think what cruel is? Leaving your loved ones to die in some sterile hospital room surrounded by strangers. Fuck that! Put 'em in the movies! Whaaat? Do you want your grandmother dying like a little bird in some hospital room? Her translucent skin so thin you can see her last heartbeat work its way down her blue veins?

Or do you want her to meet Chuck Norris?

Why be so selfish as to deprive her of that thrill?

"Tom how come you dressed my grandmother up as a mugger?"

"Shut up and get off the set. Action! Push her towards Chuck."

Whurf. [Bill does a flying karate kick]

"Wow he kicked her head right off her body! Did you see that? Did you see my grammie? She's out of her misery. I just saw the greatest fucking movie of my life. Cool!"

Okay not the most popular idea ever. All I'm saying is people are dying every day, and movies are getting more and more boring.

  I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that...
Be afraid. Be very very very afraid.

Edit: Thanks to RC for the link, and apologies for not crediting you originally, ya whining no-good loony leftie! ;0)
  More Than 1,000 Military Deaths in Iraq
It was only a matter of time.
  Opensecrets.org--Money in politics data
The amount of money they are talking about is obscene, it's the only word for it.
I'm getting an inordinate number of referrals from Buttercup so I thought I'd better reciprocate. Nice piccy too.
  The World in 2020
I absolutely love these things. I think it may be the Tomorrows World fan in me coming out - suffice to say The Guardian for the 3 relevant Saturdays will be put by.
  The Policeman's Blog
The author of this blog is a self-confessed 'lock em up and throw away the key' school copper, and after spending a year working part-time in a late night off licence and having to deal with the police on several occasions I can empathise in a small way, but the style and content are superb. Highly recommended, and duly added to the blogroll. (link via Rogi)
06 September, 2004
  Sky One : Conspiracies
I've just watched a program on Sky One.
It was called Conspiracies and it's running for the next 4 weeks.

The Sky One programs guide says this :

First in a four-part series presented by Danny Wallace, in which he scrutinises worldwide conspiracy theories. In this episode he examines the premise that the conflict and destruction of the 21st century have been created by the US government in order to achieve world domination

The examination centres around the bombings of the World Trade Center (sic) and The Pentagon that occured of September the 11th. Ironically, the link above points to the inevitable Sky repeat that will occur this Saturday, September the 11th at 23:00hrs (fellow Discordians can Hail Eris at this minor anomally).

I watched this documentary as someone who already knew all of the facts, which wasn't strictly true - I'd never heard the one about the Anti-Terrorist Insurance only being taken out a few months before the strikes. There was also the claim that a 15 Million (US$) investment netted 3.55 Billion (US$). I've not checked these yet. It seems far fetched.

However, the striking thing about this piece was the structure, the story it told, and the way it told it.

The first 3rd was a run down as to what happened on 11th of September, who the main kooks were and why they had enough crediblity to appear on the show. There was some documentry evidence of the pResident's reaction as the attacks took place and a few fleeting glances of Mr Moore after F911 was finally mentioned. I was suprised they showed the Bush - Now watch this drive clip - but it was all soon to be washed away.

To be fair, the take on the reasons, consequences, and possible scenarios of "The WTC Disaster", "TWA 500", and "HITLER" - of course he get's a mention -he was a vegetarian, you know? are presented by well researched, intelligent people. And the conspiracy theorists (oh yes - they did Pearl Harbour as well) seem to get slowly watered down. To the point of total ridicule.

It's worth a watch: Tin Foil Helmet Optional - and yes there is a bit about mind control.

cf: http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&q=911+conspiracy
cf: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&safe=off&c2coff=1&q=george+bush+lies
cf: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&safe=off&c2coff=1&q=tony+blair+%22likes+coffee+cake%22

Do the makers of Coffee Cake know this?
04 September, 2004
  George W. Bush AWOL: a coward and a liar
Tim's at it again.
Again it's a classic.
Link NOW and lets send it around the world a thousand times.
  poons confessional
Good to see the Oborskis back in K-town duly refreshed by a visit to Poland.

I first met Mike and Fran back in 199mumble when I was running a small computer shop in Worcester. Mike came in and ordered a shiny Pentium computer - It was a P75 if memory serves me correct, and the components where duly ordered and assembled by yours truly. At this point I should note that this was the first Pentium based machine I had ever built, though I had much experience using the 486 range so how hard could it be?

Not at all hard, the machine came together beautifully and was duly installed to the delight of the Oborskis. It ran the shiny new Windows 95 and even had a 4x CD-ROM, oh the decadence of it all!

And then the support calls started. The machine was acting like it had an electronic version of Alzeihemers. Some days it would run fine, others BSOD and Illegal operations abounded. I swapped out memory, hard drives and by the end just about every other component in the blasted machine - all to no avail.

Finally, and I should note that Mike and Fran had the proverbial patience of saints, a decision was made. We would buy in a built machine and offer it as free replacement to the rogue machine. The PC arrived and I decided to take a peak inside. To my astonishment the processor - now a blistering P90 - was hidden beneath a large chunk of metal with a fan on top. At this point the penny dropped. How was I supposed to know Pentium processors ran so hot they needed cooling?

We never heard from Mike and Fran again, surprisingly enough, though once the rogue machine had a fan fitted it ran like a dream for a good 5 years.

It remains one of my most shameful moments in computing, and so in this public arena I would like to say a very big sorry to Mike and Fran for the grief, cussing and general hair-tearing I caused.

And by way of apology.
Mike, I still operate in PC maintenance - self employed these days and would be happy to offer you five free hours of my time should you have any PC problems, and unlimited free phone support.

Just say the word, if you dare......
03 September, 2004
A brief history of weblogs, with every single link you'd ever need to decide how you'd like to set your own up, just about.
  Will internet cafes survive 10 more years?
I agree with the comments made with regard to internet cafes turning into pure LAN-gaming centres. Worcester's own LANDEN (It's a Lan in a Den tm) is just in the process of relocating to larger premises and is a hot bed of teenage testoreone, BFGs and cries of "Sniper in the grain warehouse" etc.

The LANDEN site is down at the moment, but has one of the best holding pages I've seen in quite sometime! Clicky.

Good luck with the new venture Jim and Nick.
  Tin pot dictator refuses nuclear inspectors access.....
  Impeachment in practice
A short (if somewhat gushing) description of what would happen should The Speaker grant the impeachment debate.
02 September, 2004
  Make Your Own Cigarettes
"All Rolling papers and accessories are intended only to be used by legal adults for the purpose of smoking tobacco and other legal smoking mixtures. You hereby assume sole liability for any purchases made from Make your own cigarettes @ www.roll-ups.co.uk "


Still nothing from Rizla....
01 September, 2004
  Rizla Update
Still no word from Rizla - apart from an e-mail detailing the latest gigs they are sponsoring using the ubiquitous phrase "door tax".

So instead words of wisdon from my latest pack of greens.

Only you can make you feel inferior

Are these people on drugs?
  And now a message from our sponsors...
Not much tonight - I usually blog when I get back from work but alas the interwebnet was borken and a call to our provider shed little hope. Fair play though - the service was back within 4 hours. If you're looking for a reliable, friendly and well priced ISP I'd like to suggest FAST24.

I'm on the the 1Mb 20:1 contention deal and it rocks.

On the plus side - I finally sorted out my MP3 folders.


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