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George W. Bush is coming to the UK... and we'll be waiting for him.
30 November, 2005
  A Long Time In Politics
Just over 15 years ago Maragaret Thatcher left office.
Great soundtrack from the BBC

And today Michael Howard stepped down from the despatch box
A good PMQT. No soundtrack but Howard got the better laughs.

Text link

Spin doctor

Mr Howard had kept that one until his very last question as opposition leader. And it was an old favourite.

The prime minister once declared his project would be completed when the Labour party had learned to love Peter Mandelson.

"Can he give us a progress report on that," he asked

"I have to say on that one, a lot done and a lot left to do".
22 November, 2005
  The World According To Leo Blair
Update: Thank you to Curious Hamster for this
After you've watched it, I recommend just sitting still and thinking for as long as you can.
20 November, 2005
  [ Low Morale: Radiohead - creep (acoustic) ]
Nifty flash video. Well worth a watch.
18 November, 2005
  The new commentariat
Who's that scary American politician at the front pretending to be Tim?
17 November, 2005
  Just when you thought a good day couldn't get any better
he's no nazi, lordee no
British revisionist historian David Irving is being held in Austria under laws against denying the Holocaust.

Let's hope that this time they can hold and charge him.
And because he is being held without trial or charge, I have of course censored the above picture to avoid identification.
  How to deal with the Police...
whilst drunk in a public place by Rachel.

I'm still grinning as I post this....

"I said ' Hi. Do you know Steve [name]? He was the police officer who rescued us all off our train at Kings Cross. We want to buy him a pint. Can you find him for us?'

Policeman said ' Yes, I know Steve... I'll definitely tell him you are looking for him. Who shall I say is looking?'

Me: ' Rachel, from Kings Cross United. Cool. Don't forget. We really, really want to buy him a pint. He was a f*cking legend. Here's my number, could you get him to bell me if you see him? Or we'll be in [name of pub]'"

You can find out the name of the Policeman here.
15 November, 2005
  David Shayler
Mr Shayler has made an allegation recently.
Mr Shayler believes Dr David Kelly was an MI6 agent who was murdered and he alleged that Tony Blair worked for MI5 before he became Labour leader.

MP3 here (26Mb - 57 mins)
(link from 911truthbristol.com who also offer this - 46Mb WMV)
14 November, 2005
  Kazakh 'challenge' to Ali G star
We do not rule out that Mr Cohen is serving someone's political order designed to present Kazakhstan and its people in a derogatory way

Excuse me whilst I wander off for a prolonged belly chuckle.
  Social comments and Cybermen
Go Psychbloke!
12 November, 2005
  independent - planb
Forget Sledgehammer. This rocks.
(link from B3TA)

Update: Back up the home page, there is loads of good stuff.

Although some of their clients suck.
  Gosh, Who'd have thunk it....
GNN brings us this shocking revelation.

After three years of strong denials, it turns out that the Iraq War was really about oil after all.

Read on
10 November, 2005
  10 years on - Ken Saro-Wiwa
Listen to Wole Soyinka and wonder where the hell the last ten years went.
  And as one countdown begins
(Link above heads straight to a BBC media player page)
Todays episode of Countdown threw up an interesting word.


Des seemed surprised that it would be in the dictionary.
Hasn't he read the viewer stats for the programme?

Richard would have known what it meant.
  Thinking of a career change?
90 days and 90 Nights.

It's got a ring to it, and it was what Mr Blair wanted.
So maybe that is exactly what he should get.
90 days and 90 Nights. Tick Tock.
(countdown at the top from askdavetaylor.com)

BTW try googling "90 days from now" (you need to include the quotes and be feeling lucky).

The last paragraph is sage advice indeed and their front page banner is quite pleasing as well....
May not link to original source *cough*
  90 days and 90 nights
So Blair got the slapping that he has long been rightly due and for once we can be proud of Parliament but for a very salient comment on the vote go and visit Rachel's blog. It says everything I would like to say on the subject and then some.
07 November, 2005
  A quick round up.....
No it's not Mr Blair's latest idea for controlling terrorism, that's not due until next year. I just thought there has been so much good stuff in other places recently I'd do a mammoth post and get them all out of the way in one go. So first stop Bloggerheads...

Tim has been creative again, engaging in voodoo and inciting religous hatred of Roman Catholics (well, one particular recent convert to be precise).

Learn how to turn this

into this

whilst maintaining a cheery outlook on life!

He's also stumbled on some great public information films which come with a rather quaint disclaimer :
The language used in these films is typical of the period when they were made. Some of it may now be considered offensive or stereotypical.

Moving Stateside Crooks and Liars bring us a shocking report on the devastating effects of same sex marriages in Massachusetts courtesy of The Daily Show.... Quicktime or WMP here

Owen has a nice take on Tony's next strategy in TWAT.

D-Notice has some photo's of the memorial to Jean Charles de Menezes however scroll down a bit and view something even more chilling....

At first view I was convinced it was a photoshop job, but nope the website can be found here. Sure makes me feel a lot safer. Oh and whilst on the subject latest estimates put ID cards at £500 a pop.

Staying in London, Diamond Geezer has been wondering whether he spends too much time blogging. His resounding conclusion is yes, but for my money his blog is the best resourse for things to do when in the smoke, so keep up the good work says I.

Jon (of the Jail Journal) recently wrote a top post on the movements of key commodities in his current place of abode. If you've never been over there a brief summary of how he found himself there and some extracts can be found here.

My friend Rachel has been publishing bits and bobs of her artwork over at her blog for a while but this one is a real wowser. More info here with the ability to see the work full size (bloody imageshack).
And whilst on the subject of art, if you liked the Star Wars pixel mash I recently blogged then try this and this. Clever bugger that FiveFolds.

Anyhoo, that should keep you busy for a while.
No? Okay then one last link from Mr Duck. And if I didn't know better I'd be convinced he had a hand (sorry) in this somewhere.
03 November, 2005
  Blog a Blob (Weak)
Two bad puns in one title, just click the link.

getting a bit more serious

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