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George W. Bush is coming to the UK... and we'll be waiting for him.
31 July, 2004
  Un Bee Leave Able
It's yer own fault. I warned you. But oh no, you just wouldn't listen.
You've only got yourself to blame.

- Tessa Jowell (translation by babelfish, allegedly)
Animal rights crackdown:
As the government unveils their answer to increasingly intimidating campaigns by animal rights activists - one protester tells us that changes in the legislation to try to protect those who work in animal testing may make things more dangerous. As protesters become increasingly desperate, he says, it may not be long before someone dies.

I've been talking to the minister responsible. Who tells me that government is committed to making sure that lawful and licensed testing is allowed to continue, free from intimidation. But says that she would prefer that we didn't have to test on animals at all.

Further Info

I've never been a great fan of animal experimentation, though I concede that some AR activists take things too far. The plan to introduce banning orders is divisive. The Government has already labeled several AR groups as terrorist organisations, and now they wish to extend this to include banning legitimate protest. Not bombs, not arson, not poo in the postbox. LEGITIMATE PROTEST.

They came for the animal rights protestors and I did not speak up because I was not an animal rights protestor.......

  White Rabbits White Rabbits White Rabbits
Happy August. I'm looking forward to this month. It's my birthday mid month and then I'm off to Beautiful Days.
Anyone else going?
Lots and lots of pretty sparkling things
Splendid way to while away a sunday afternoon
Howies are a UK based company with strong ethics, some great clothing and a rather nice website. I've just been looking at the Our Beliefs/Truth Index/Remember page* and it made me realise that I don't know where that guy went... I think I may have to go and find him.

Whilst on the subject of ethical brands, great news on the Black Spot Trainers front - they go into production September.

* No direct link cos it's a Flash based site
  Damn I missed Pi Approximation day
I was too busy waiting for Sirius to rise.

Still, we've got programmer's day still to look foward too, so that's alright then
  Once in a blue moon
Hello readers.

Sorry for a complete lack of bloggage this week, i've been in a v.bad mood and generalkly find that it is a bad idea to rant in public at these times, the men with the nice backward fastening jackets and all that.

I plan a blogtastic session this evening when I get back from work to make up for it. In the meantime tonight is a blue moon. What is that exactly I hear you cry?

I always wondered - click here to find out.

Oh and if you want to read something fantastically funny that will make you LOL for real try this
25 July, 2004
  The Pogues To Reform And Tour
I would guess this is probably the last time you will get to see the original line-up live before Mr MacGowan's liver finally gives up the ghost.
  Free Speech Zone anyone?
David Blunkett, the Home Secretary, will publish a strategy document on Friday that tightens up existing laws, including making it an offence for campaigners to protest outside the homes of anyone involved in animal experimentation.

  Subservient Chicken
This post could well be edited to include monkies.


Monkey eats banana!

It cost me £23 but hey that's a whole lot of rainforest, strangely.

24 July, 2004
  Bloody useful this is
Lots of and lots of linkage in one perfectly formed package!
Think I've found my new home page.

Whilst perusing the various sites have found a rather splendid article by Noam Chomsky on the Red Pepper Site

Some fitting tributes the late Paul Foot, who after Tony Benn is to my mind one the finest orators the left has ever had, ever.

And a rather strange article regarding Vikings and Penis Size. No really. For some reason it brought this to mind

  Abuse a monkey today!
Mr Monkey is currently *mumble* hours through a 24 hours charitee bloggage session.

Go and throw some bananas at him, he'll thank you for it one day
23 July, 2004
See that link below every post?
It says comments.

com·ment   (kmnt)
    1. A written note intended as an explanation, illustration, or criticism of a passage in a book or other writing; an annotation.
    2. A series of annotations or explanations.
    1. A statement of fact or opinion, especially a remark that expresses a personal reaction or attitude.
    2. An implied conclusion or judgment: a novel that is a comment on contemporary lawlessness.
  1. Talk; gossip: a divorce that caused much comment.

I'd quite like some - even abusive ones, and if that's not incitement to post I don't know what is....

  The truth is out there.....
Probably the funniest political blog in the UK for all the right reasons.

One day I'll share with Mike the reason why the Pentium 75 PC I built for him never really cut the mustard. Until then he'll have to make do with an entry in my blogroll....
  Is the Michael Moore Blog a Blog?
No. (harsh? maybe.  fair? yes)

2 posts since July 4th. Now I know my bloggage is sporadic but come on Mike.
I'm removing him from my blogroll until he either blogs something, or the bit torrent download of F911 finally hits my 'puter. The latter due sometime next week at the rate it's coming down.

  Civil War II - Arthur Strikes Back
"But a revolt is simmering north of the border in Scotland, according to author Alistair Moffat, whose book 'Arthur the Lost Kingdoms' argues he was a Scot.
'The Cornish got seriously upset with me,' he said. 'A lot of the Cornish tourist industry depends on this.'"

It gets worse

Twelfth century poetry from the "Black Book of Carmarthen" describes Arthur as a Welsh warlord, says Steve Blake, director of the Center for Arthurian Studies in North Wales.

References to the castle in Tintagel merely stem from confusion with the Welsh word Dindagol, meaning city on the headland, he says.

But it's all okay in the end

Folk historian Juliette Wood says that when different regions lay claim to a legendary figure, it can often be taken as proof that the figure was more myth than actual history.

"This localization of Arthur is the dead giveaway," she said. "In common with most academics, I don't think he was ever real."

Phew, that was a close one. Hang on Julliette Wood works for a Welsh University... aaaaargh we're doomed, doooooooomed.

  *Those* payroll records
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Payroll records related to President George W. Bush's service in the Air National Guard three decades ago that the Pentagon said earlier this month were accidentally destroyed now have been located, defence officials say.

The UK Reuters site lists this in the Oddly Enough Section *cough*
Sadly their US counterparts are lacking an irony muscle....
  Ummm, I'm just off to the toilet
If only tech was this good in real life*

(link via Blogmonkey)

* if you do not understand this concept you are gonna love this site ;o]
  Absolute class
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah aha ha ha


ha a aha ahaha ahahha ha ha
  An Interesting Day: President Bush's Movements and Actions on 9/11
It's a long read, but impeccably researched.
21 July, 2004
  (DV) Pitt: Torturing Children
Dissident Voice has a take on the appalling practices being undertaken in US controlled Iraq detention centres.

There are some very strong links in the article, and when this one actually hits the Western media the fallout is should be immense.

Most telling are the statements that have recently been reclassified. I'll warn you now, they make horrible reading on several levels.

In the meantime, I'd like to welcome Tim back - it was nice to get my daily bloggerheads fix again and look it even made me get off my arse and do some blogging! and in the current climate I feel this is appropriate:

The Humanity vs. Anarchy Project - which word will you choose?
  I say
this is really rather clever.

link via rogi
20 July, 2004
  ThankYouTony.com: A site to thank Prime Minister Tony Blair for his support of the American actions in Iraq.
Go on go thank him.
Thank him for lying, manipulating and bringing this country into international disrepute. It's the very least you can do.
  This could be quite interesting
Just registered but now off to wage slavedom for a few hours.
Will report back later.

19 July, 2004
  A lesson in practical politics....
17 July, 2004
  Gender Recognition Bill 2003/04
Cheers to Rachel for the heads up - now try searching any and I mean ANY news source to find a recognition of this lifechanging act and you will not find it.

Hansard is down at the moment - more news later hopefully...
Edit: In the meantime full copy of the bill is here
  Which fucked up little pony are you?
You are GOTH Pony!

Which Fucked up "My Little Pony" are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

14 July, 2004
  The Butler Report
Those wishing to find the real review source should add


to the above link.

They are both as valid.
  Just a quicky
Not much to say tonight.

However on my wanders tonight I remembered the joys of widipedia whilst looking for links to a certain Freeman Dyson - yes it's Sgt Squarehead again still looking for big things that go bang.

but a feature that has escaped me before is this:-

Current events - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It's a link festy! Enjoy. Random page can also be entertaining on those long winter evenings.

In other news:- It was lovely to see Manic return to a little bit of blogging, though I think he's off again, and some bloody brilliant photoshopping.

Fingers crossed for the New Statemans New Media awards, though based on this article I think he's got it wrapped up 8-)
13 July, 2004
  Petition to save Aberfan memorial
Okay, so I'm a little bit too young to remember this disaster, but to see Methyr Council considering selling off a playground erected in the memory of 144 people (of which 116 where primary school children) is, to be blunt, absolutely fucking disgusting.

The council say the area has become dilapidated. Well, why not spend some money on it, and continue to remember the kids who died.

I'm off to write an e-mail to their only email address on the site. If you are similarly incensed I suggest you do the same.

Also the housing association who want to 're-develop' cannot be found at www.mtha.org.uk as espoused by the local council and several other links across the web. Even a WHOIS sheds no light. Anybody fancy registering the address?
  Turning the tables on Nigeria's e-mail conmen
'When all above seems a great test, Get on down with the Holy Red Breast.'

Well I'm a convert....
11 July, 2004
  The Poor Man: Poker With Dick Cheney
10 July, 2004
  Sex stunt gives rise to another heavy fine
Thanks phlegma.

If we just forget about the moral indecency of this act, I must say that I'm impressed. It's quite a feat to be able to perform in front of 3.000 people

Made me chuckle
  If only this were true
I'd be a happy poons
  Counting the cost
Sadly the broadband is pay per view.
But i've just sent them a link to bigintervention

Wonder if they will add it?
  Did Blair nearly quit?
From tonights Snowmail

Was the Prime Minister ever really going to resign? The very Cabinet
Ministers who are reported to have been rushing to reassure him he must stay in the job are now saying there was never any prospect of him leaving. So why did they feel the need to beg him to stay? Just before a Cabinet reshuffle too. What possible reason could they all have to rally round the PM, whether he needed them or not?

We talk to one of the Cabinet Ministers who admits asking Tony to stay - but also denies he was ever going to leave.
  Alien in 30 seconds with bunnies.
Er yeah
It is Alien in 30 seconds
It has bunnies
It's obnly 400ish K but it would appear the swerver is taking a battering
  Rock, Paper, Saddam!
Link from Rogi

I really must start looking at Blogdex
Who the fuck is Alice?

Alice is an old friend of mine. The picture in this spoof news story appears to be her. Tis very strange.

Alice, if you get here drop me a line - poons at punkass dot com
or my fourletter first name followed by surname (all one word) at yahoo.com

  Michael Moore Hates America!
It's a hefty download.

B3TANs laugh at Tim Yeo's empty words
Was that loud enough?
I doubt it.

anyway i'm back to hicks

"Go back to sleep, America, your government is in control".

"You are free to do what we tell you"

read the site - it's all true

Um President Bush on Friday called Democrat John Edwards a pessimist on the economy and suggested his experience as a trial lawyer would tilt him toward policies that would hurt small businesses.

Since bush has been in power we've seen this.

Clinton left the US in the black for the first time in years

Bush has sold you out - WAKE UP AMERICA.

Go here and watch it rise
  rebranding is so 90's darling
the original name of this blog was chosen carefully
however my wanderings around the blog net has made
it clear that most people prefer a catchy title
howlingspoons is google #1 for me and so


and may dead leaders lie in it's wake
  What the f
Did someone say freedom of speech at the back?
Hush now.
It was all a dream.
  That Stork story....
09 July, 2004
  It's war, it's legal....
So we'd better find someone to blame (with apologies to manic)

So we have the CIA overstating evidence.
The Butler enquiry is rumored to highlight limitations of intelligence (Can they really say that about Mr Blair - what? - Oh they mean the dossiers. Right)

and the Tories, who gleefully backed Blair in his call to war now on their back heels.
The Conservative Leader said: "It became clear yesterday that the Prime Minister took us to war without bothering to ask a simple and obvious question. That question is whether the chemical and biological weapons he thought Iraq had could be used only on the battlefield, or put on the end of a missile to be fired at British troops in Cyprus."

So it seems that pretty much all sides are agreed. The war was based on shoddy evidence, the major political figures on both sides of the Atlantic took us to war based on this evidence, ergo THE WAR WAS AND REMAINS AN ILLEGAL OCCUPATION OF A FOREIGN NATION.

Doesn't that mean that Tony Blair, and George W. Bush are by their own admission WAR CRIMINALS? If we must have the show trial, let's at least do it properly. Lets get Saddam, George and Tony all in the same dock.

How? Well for starters the UN could play them at there own game. Bring it to the security council and then refuse them their veto. Let's see how they like when the boots on the other foot.
Make them stand in The International Court and defend their actions on pain of death, and whilst where at it let's throw Sharon in there as well for consistently refusing to acknowledge UN resolutions and rulings by the International Court Of Justice.

All of these people are lying, murdering despots. All of them need to face trial, and all of them when found guilty should be hanged by the neck until dead.

It is time for the United Nations to finally flex it's muscles. Members of the Security Council have acted illegally, and whilst the old adage 'two wrongs don't make a right' rattles around my brain, if they do not act over this total and utter trampling of International Law then they deserve to join them in the dock as well.

*breathes deeply*

In the mean time I'm praying for an asteroid impact. Or better still a quiet but effective campaign as outlined by these fine people.

And yes, I have signed up, several years ago.

  In quotes: Blair and Iraq weapons
....and still he remains the leader of this nation.
I don't get it.
  Yes I know it's childish - bit it's the best laugh I've had all week.
Oh the B3TA newsletter is out (just in case you hadn't guessed)
  And now a word from our sponsors...
  Totally Bloody Fantastic
I've been meaning to blog this for a couple of days.
It has quite rightly produced the longest heaps of praise thread on B3TA
3 biro's and 11 sheets of A4 paper and a heap of amazing talent
This could finally knock Jimmy Cauty's Hobbit poster of the #1
spot once and for all.
08 July, 2004
  AtomFilms - Internet Killed the Video Star
And much much more to while away the hours

Thanks to BlogMonkey for the link and also for the spam poison heads up.

Whilst I'm here a small confession. I've edited last night's rant.
I need to think long and hard before I progress the idea I had.
So for now it is firmly on a back burner.
  We flip for childrens books
Let's hear it for skateboarding mothers! I refuse to use the word "Mom".

07 July, 2004
  Yet Another Comics Site- Watchmen
"'Not even in the face of Armageddon. Never compromise.'"
  I really wanted to post stuff tonight
I wanted to rant against Tony Blair's admittance that we may never find those weapons of WMD. I wanted to point out that the reason we knew he had them at some point was because we sold them to him. Correction: gave them to him. Check out Mark Thomas on the export guarantee scheme.

I wanted to raise awareness of the german report that pre-pubescent children are being used by the US authorities to garner confessions from 'illegal combatants'.

I was gonna give you rising vitriol on the fact that the GMB have decided to remove Labour Party funding in favour of supporting individual MPs who support their cause.

Instead I am sat here reading all this shit that is going on in the world and wondering how one person sat in Worcester can finally get the message across that I don't like the way the world is being run today.

In the meantime I'm gonna get drunk and play poker.
05 July, 2004
  Phones power bike rental scheme
I like the sound of this. Though I'd suggest they use solid tyres or they're going to spend a lot of time repairing punctures.

The main site is here.
04 July, 2004
  What the world need now
is love sweet love....
More crazyee electioneering from the leaders of the free world

  Dissident Voice
The propaganda-compliant terminology for the post-May 1st period is “after the end of major combat operations.” Of course, conceding that the US is occupying Iraq would mean that another justification for this war was a sham. This is the reason the common media terminology aims to avoid the usage of the word “occupation”.
02 July, 2004
  Boom! Splat! Flobbadabobbada!
This should be viewed first and then follow the link for the background. It's very old (1970) but remains a moment of comic genius

Three versions available

High Bandwidth

Low Bandwidth

Audio Only

Right click and save as or somesuch

The story behind it all

cheers to Sgt. Squarehead for the inspiration to search for this.
Strange what you find when you search google for 'things exploding'
We're booking him into therapy soon....
  Tinfoil Helmets On!
Did you know that today is World UFO day?

If there are any aliens reading this, highly likely I would have thought, then could you perhaps pick up the chap residing at 10 Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AJ. He's a willing abductee, and says he would like dropping off at Mercury or somewhere else where he can top his tan up.

Thanks a lot
  BBC - Radio 2 - Steve Wright Home Page
... on Monday, Steve & Tim will be going to Downing Street to speak to Prime Minister Tony Blair. If you'd like them to ask a question on your behalf then leave your question on our answerphone; 08700 100200, or e-mail the Big Show! You'll be able to hear the interview next Tuesday afternoon"

Now's your chance to make the bugger sweat. Get yer questions sent to


or use the web form

Cheers to Tim for the tip off!
  Wendy Knits!
"Bad-Ass Knitters, Unite!I seem to be fixated on the phrase 'Bad-Ass Knitter.'
Yeah, I'm a Bad-Ass Knitter. You wanna make something of it. Huh? HUH?
It's the day before a long weekend. It's been a long week. That's my excuse. Yeah.
But anyhow . . . I think being a Bad-Ass Knitter is something to aspire to!"

Go on! You know you want to....
01 July, 2004
  John Kerry for President - Videos
Did someone say cheesy?
Go on. Go to the back.
There's always one.

Edit: watch this
  Crisis in Sudan (washingtonpost.com)
A lousy situation. A long standing situation.
but *those* John Kerry adverts are there again.

I must be turning into a pinko leftwing liberal communist type.

ah well
  Defiant Saddam appears in court
Iraq's ex-leader Saddam Hussein has made a defiant first appearance before an Iraqi judge, branding President George W Bush as the "real criminal". Hmmm, try inserting other before real, it scans a bit better then.

This is gonna make the Milosovic show seem like a hit and run trial...

Not convinced that executing him is too good an idea though. Martydom is a highly sought commodity in those parts.
Though I suppose they're sadammned if they do and saddamned if they don't. (with apologies to Jon Snow for a blatant rip off from tonight's Snowmail.
  "...she's a flight risk."
One of the strangest weblogs I have ever seen.
The first few weeks posts are compelling stuff.
They know me so well...


Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator
From Go-Quiz.com
  Celebrating the Underblog - 2004
I'm gonna be watching this one. If only to pick up some new blogs to while away the long winter evenings.

Of course if someone was to nominate me, then that would be simply splendid!

  Blogjam presents: Neil Armstrong - The Truth
Not Safe For Work!

This is very old - but it just reached it's 500th comment.
hah de har har!

Cheers Tim, that cheered me up no end!
  If you can't vote Labour, who can you vote for?
I think Ricky Tomlinsons sums it up most succinctly!

I wish he'd (Blair) fuck off now and form another party because New Labour has got nothing to do with the Labour party and the working classes

Whilst Tony Benn also puts it nicely...

New Labour doesn't have any support. You can't imagine canvassing and people saying, "Oh yes, I'm New Labour, I'd like to privatise the Post Office, I'd like to have more loans for students and, oh yes, let's have another war."

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