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George W. Bush is coming to the UK... and we'll be waiting for him.
26 March, 2008
  On how to make money in property
Considering this post by Tim at Bloggerheads, I find Tim Worstall's change of advertising somewhat well timed. Is this a conspiracy of Tims?

Update: The plot thickens.

Found at Samizdata but more can be found at BitFilm2008
19 March, 2008
  Iraq Blog Swarm - No words just pictures

Words if you must...
18 March, 2008
  People like us.
There is one positive effect of the "people like us" phenomenon. In Dewsbury it brought a whole community together. The people on the estate where Shannon Matthews lived came together as one to try to help find her. It gave their community a spirit which it patently hadn't had before. Why did they come together like that? Because Shannon Matthews came from a "family like us".
- Iain Dale

I am officially lost for words.
17 March, 2008
  Between the Hammer and the Anvil: Five Years Ago Today...
Hat Tip to Flying Rodent for his one.

Five years since Robin Cook made the speech of his life.
I did wonder why the Indylead with this today.

Is it an attempt to deflect what the Indy had in mind or a hat-tip from Brown?
05 March, 2008
  One night....
Did someone say Magic Missile?One night, many years ago, I had finished my degree and moved back into the family home. I was working for a Chester based computer company that was going to the wall. I was desperate for out and a couple of bottles of red wine and the company of a good friend, Rachel Bowers (who hopefully will see this post and drop me an e-mail) convinced me to ring my mate Stig.

Stig had moved to Worcester and was working on a role playing magazine called Role Player Independent. I asked if there were any jobs going. I had introduced Stig to the joys of desktop publishing and he felt he owed me one back. Six weeks later I moved to Worcester as the Sub-editor and advertising sales bloke.

Despite a brief move to London, I remain in Worcester to this day but the two factors that brought me here was a love of New Model Army (where I first met Stig) and the fact that we played Dungeons and Dragons with a group of mates, whilst still up north.

So I can safely say that Gary Gygax was instrumental in my landing in Worcester, and for that reason alone I am sad to hear of his demise.

As an aside - I haven't played any role playing game since those days, having to go to conventions changed my mind, although I could tell you some stories about the RPI trip to Eindhoven... maybe another time ;-)
04 March, 2008

I've decided to have a liberty week on poons for two reasons, it gives me a chance to investigate the new party on the block. The UK Libertarian Party who have an opening gambit
Libertarian thought begins with the individual. It's individuals that make up our society, not our society that makes individuals, so this is the only sensible place to start.

To each and every person in our society, we say:


Owning something means that you have the absolute right to decide what to do with it—whether to use it up, keep it, sell it or give it away. Libertarians believe that everyone has the right to ownership of their own bodies, thoughts and beliefs, and honestly acquired property, be those goods, land, or money. Owning these aspects of yourself means that you should be free to do with them what you choose.

As opening gambits go, they have stole a march on everyone - even the Scientolgists - as far as I am concerned.

So I've joined the forum (after I downloaded the sign up form) = £10 a year - equal voting rights, I might even send them the money.

The other reason? I'm gonna post some songs that I think illustrate my thinking.

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