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George W. Bush is coming to the UK... and we'll be waiting for him.
29 October, 2006
  b3ta.com qotw
Usual sage advice from B3TA but this takes the biscuit.
Before getting into bed with a woman, take your socks off before you trousers as men look stupid wearing just socks
  Suspect Paki » Blog Archive » United KKKingdom
This truly excellent post via Tim Worstals blog round-up.
24 October, 2006
  What the papers say
  Sean Smith in Iraq
Sean Smith, the Guardian's award-winning war photographer, spent nearly six weeks with the 101st Division of the US army in Iraq. Watch his haunting observational film that explodes the myth around the claims that the Iraqis are preparing to take control of their own country.
21 October, 2006
  b3ta clash
16 October, 2006
  Silver Cactus Trading - Dichroic glass
A mate of mine's brother-in-law has a new website.
It's got some very unusual jewllery some of which use Dichroic glass (I had to look it up as well).
Genius is the comedy series which sees Dave Gorman and a celebrity guest chew over the ridiculous, unworkable but sometimes genius inventions, schemes and policies of the public.

Well worth a listen, especially for interactive Tertris on the radio!
12 October, 2006
  Cunts Are Still Running The World (discuss)
Tim's off on walkabout again.
He is probably been told to sit on the naughty chair for using the 'C' word, but he's got a point.
Have a good one Mr Manic, 2007 is but a skip and a jump away.
  So many causes, so little time
Unless you have permission, it's illegal to demonstrate near the Houses of Parliament. But that wasn't going to stop Mark Thomas, who set out to make a record number of protests in one day

(In) ...the past three months have seen mass lone protests, in which about 150 people test police bureaucracy by getting licences for each and every one of them. The police can only refuse to issue the licences on the grounds of public safety or public order

Inspired by these mass actions, I decided that I would demonstrate all over the Socpa zone - and, being an upright citizen, get permission to do it. So, last week, I nipped into Charing Cross police station to apply to have 21 individual demonstrations on the same day in the designated area.

Through earlier protests, I have got to know the man who coordinates the requests quite well. PC Paul McInally now handles most of the Socpa applications. "What can I do for you today, Mark?" he asks, as we sit in the interview room.

"I've got 21 forms for you."

"Right then," he says in a businesslike fashion, "let's go through them." I like PC McInally. We sort of bonded a few months ago when I handed in an application to demand the immediate sacking of Superintendent Terry.

"You want to sack my direct superior!" PC McInally had spluttered.

"Yes, please."

"I've got to go and ask him if you can have a demonstration calling for him to be sacked?"

"I believe so." I said. And although he shook his head when he left the room, he was smiling.

Link above for the full article, it get's better and better!
08 October, 2006
  Veiled threats?
Rachel has written a superb post on the comments of Jack Straw and a commonsense approach to them. I have to agree with every word.

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