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George W. Bush is coming to the UK... and we'll be waiting for him.
28 May, 2005
  History of rock and roll
  The Cardigans Official Homepage
a band with a blog
i like this
My flatmate knows Jay.
"What is the world coming to when a band like Coldplay are being beaten in the charts by a frog,' he asks.
'I think this is the start of a new trend where ring tones are released as singles and it will be the death of the music industry.'"

ding ding
  One for Blogmonkey
Gadgets, games, boys toys & gift ideas.
  Foster Watch
Proxy blog alert.

Mr Foster has been made aware.
  Welcome to Poon's
Dontya just hate it when that happens.....

Still they got no google rating, maybe I should offer them some SEO advice
24 May, 2005
  And now you're back from inner space.....
Hi all, sorry for light bloggage. *insert mandatory excuse here*

have some links instead

Re-Open 911 - thanks to Sgt Squarehead for this one, it has some very meaty backing and is coming to a town near(ish) you soon - see here for more details

One of the funny things I've seen recently is Store Wars link via Bloggerheads via Blogmonkey I think?

Rachel found this which contains some images that you will find disturbing, in fact pretty much everyone of them should.

And Dins reminded me of this

I'll be re-arranging my blog rolls, links etc over the weekend
In the meantime have some great links from Dark Stranger
06 May, 2005
  Watching Michael Foster MP
Bloody nose for Blair - oh yes
Boris for Tory leader - why not?
Charles feeling smug - rightly so
Me - I'm feeling a need to keep an eye on my representative.

So I will be watching, e-mailing, writing to and hopefully meeting with Mike, (can I call you that?) my grubby old New Labour MP.

Let the watching begin....
  Labour Victory
Guardian Unlimited Politics | Aristotle | Worcester

and I merely slapped New Labour

My Dad may forgive me yet.
05 May, 2005
  Party Poker
Crap engine - but a political sense of humour.

  I've voted........
*cough* *splutter* nnnnnnnnnnnggggggh


There I've said it. To ease my conscience I voted Green in the local election. I then spoke to my Dad to apologise. I now have a nightmare scenario where CON take Worcester by 1 vote......

04 May, 2005
  Operation Four Letter Word

Max and poons take on worcester - at the first stop - the election info piccy am asked if I'm a Lib Dem by a tory boy. Decline in the negative.

Off to a busy foot bridge to display some A3 IRAQs and give out some leaflets that read IRAQ, with the BB website address.

Build big IRAQ and back to underneath the bridge (this is a busy main road)

Take piccies and meet an 8 year old kid who ask if this about Tony lying about the war. We tell him yes, he says "What a TW*T". I forget now whether the missing vowel is an A or an I, still that makes 2 four letter words.

Head back up steps to carrying on leafleting to be met with the age all classic line. "Excuse me lads, could I have a word?"
Parry with age old classic retort "Of course Officer"

Natter to PC M.Hardy whilst he checks whether it all counts as election material, and so can stay up for a while. Sadly not, so we slope off back tracking and removing our handy work until we return to Blue Lotus who lent us the camera. Whilst there Nige the owner says he's got something great to show us. Types in LIAR on google. I break the news to him gently but that means we get a 3rd 4 letter word.

Retire for beer (which is another four letter word)

getting a bit more serious

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