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30 April, 2007
  Brtiblog Roundup #115
Better late than never. Apologies to those of you kept waiting for your weekly blog fix, I'll crack right on with the news of the demise of Boris Yeltsin. Both Blood and Treasure and As A Dodo have penned touching tributes to this great man. *cough* As you probably know Boris was fond of a tipple occasionally, and so was probably already spinning in his grave at the news that the Government now want to ban the consumption of alcohol in private houses by the under 15s. Raedwald has something to say about that.

Mr E. has something to say about the Genocide Remembrance day that just passed a subject clearly very close to his heart.

Over at Philobiblon, Natalie is in search of a pooch fit for a Duchess. And indeed this week's award for most nominations goes to Natalie with 7 - count 'em (1 2 3 4 5 6 7) - nominations. Warning #2 contains naked lady bits from the start.

The single post with most nominations award goes to this Yorkshire Ranter for this post regarding Operation Ore. Background reading can found here and here courtesy of Dan Hardie. Loosely linked is Liberal England's piece on the latest moral crisis in the Church of England.

And indeed TYR makes a second appearance (he must be ranted out) to look at the (bad) science of wireless networking, and the screaming ab dabs that some members of the MSM are having. Moving to a different ranter Central News takes a look at the cost of diversity training in regional police forces.

Matt Wardman has a look at current blogging technology and how it is affecting the UK Political blogscene. Matt has written a series of blog related posts that are well worth a look at so be sure to have a proper look around. Talking of political blogging, Unity over at Guido 2.0 takes a look at the particularly vehement bullying of John Hirst (known as Jailhouse lawyer through out the blogosphere). It is a long but superb read, both well balanced and quite moving. Also moving is this post by James Higham writing about his late Father.

The 25th anniversary of the Falklands Conflict brought a small flurry of posting but only 2 nominations both from Dan again one by himself and t'other by M. Ranter Du Yorkshire.

And finally (with 15 minutes of Monday left) James is somewhat sceptical of his HR department whilst Cat seems to be starting a one woman campaign to save Neighbours, which is just wrong!

Next week is over with Chameleon. Nominations to britblog [at] gmail.com please.

Edit: Whoops forgot to include two posts I wanted to nominate myself. James Graham wants your feedback on privacy laws, whilst MiniTrue has a peice focusing on the actions of the BNP members of Sandwell Council.

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25 April, 2007
  How to Make Your Blog Stand out
Matt Wardman has posted a rather nifty article showing how to set up your own favicon (the little piccie next your blogname) on Blogger hence the mini-me that now appears above.
24 April, 2007
  Fascists show their true colours
Bob reports back on an interesting night at Sandwell Council.
22 April, 2007
  Ping Pong
Um, there is a parliamentary group that is set up (and i quote)

To advance the cause of table tennis throughout the UK and in particular to promote table tennis for young people through charitable and other means; and to provide an opportunity within the parliamentary estate for members to play table tennis.

to provide an opportunity within the parliamentary estate for members to play table tennis.

The list of all the groups provides even more.

I need to go and lie down. Tell me in the comments if you find anything more ridiculous.
  Britblog Roundups #113 and #114
Mr Eugenides hosts a rollover Britblog after last weeks 'administrative error'.
Send your nominations to britblog [at] gmail.com for next weeks which will be here.


21 April, 2007
  What a Carve Up!
Taking a step back from Navigor for a few days

  Clairwil: Oh Lordy Here Come The Nazis......
Clairwil takes a look at the fine upstanding members of the community that the BNP are running in the upcoming local elections.
20 April, 2007
  Pin the tail on the fascist

Anyone want to play?

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19 April, 2007
  Navigor Update
Lots going on.
Can't post about it, yet.

Albert - you still have time - Just say you do not support the BNP, AND ARE IN NO WAY CONNECTED WITH THE SAID PARTY.

Supporters of Navigor - based on the stats - if you want to slag me go for it.
I've switched the moderation off. Lets talk.

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18 April, 2007
  Our friends in the North
Bolton and Oldham have many active members of the BNP.

So is this a coincidence? New hits both without referrers so someone sent them.
You decide.

Click for biggerness as usual.

Now a serious point. I am not suggesting that the people who are finding there way here via direct links are members or even supporters of the BNP. If anybody wishes to deny or confirm this scandalous accusation (that I haven't made yet - thought I do have the IP addresses saved away) my e-mail address in on the top right hand side.

However if you are finding yourself here because you are not a BNP supporter but have joined NAVIGOR and are angry that Albert is yet to prove he is not a BNP front, then get in touch. Or if you here because you think NAVIGOR is a good idea BNP or otherwise, drop a comment.

Oh and if you are Albert Hurwood. Reach out. If you can prove without doubt you have no connections with the BNP then I'll post a big I'm sorry post and get all my friends to link to it. OK?

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  Comment Moderation
My interest in NAVIGOR is starting to take off, and as such comment moderation will be set to full on. I will not be censoring any posts on the basis on content, but I would like some clues as to where they are coming from so no anonymous and valid e-mails required. I know I get little or no comment on here anyway, but I'm just tightening thing up as I have a few cards up my sleeve which when I choose to play them should provoke a response.

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16 April, 2007
  Albert Hurwood of Northmapton (sic)

Click for biggerness

Hmmmmm, looks like the people in the North have found me. Who's your friend then Albert?

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15 April, 2007
  More from Navigor
Got an e-mail from dear old Albert the other day.

In terms of dodging the issue this really is a master race class.

At no point does Albert deny that Navigor is a BNP front, he merely informs me why people would say such things to make Navigor look like a bunch of thugs and crackpots. Well if the cap fits...

What you may also notice when you go to the various local online paper sites is that there are also a small number of detractors who seem to be spending a great deal of time going around the local papers and trying to claim that we are connected to the BNP !

Why they are making this particular claim I can make a guess at.

The BNP are making a great deal of inroads everywhere and various councillors and New Labour in particular are panic stricken.

New Labour in particular know that they have lost the next general election and will do anything to try and stave off that defeat.

If the BNP do well at the May council elections then New Labour are totally finished and they know it.

By attacking us and trying to establish a link to the BNP then they can try to say, as they are doing, that we are a bunch of "thugs" and "crackpots"

So, they can THEN say, as they are doing, that because we are a "front" for the BNP then the BNP are ALSO a bunch of "thugs" and "crackpots" !

Yes I know, to do THAT you have to be REALLY twisted and desperate !

But you know the REAL truth about why you joined.

I certainly do, Albert.

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09 April, 2007
  Albert Hurwood
A tide is sweeping across our country. It is riding on the back of interactivity, and I smell a rat.

Perusing the local news website tonight I came upon a comment urging me to join the National Vigilante Organisation. So I have. I've read The Watchmen even got a tattoo of the smiley face with Human Bean Juice. I've always fancied myself as a Rorscach but with a more socially inclusive slant.

The owner of the site, Albert Hurwood is legend when it comes to posting comments on local websites, but appear to be tiring and so is urging his minions members to post being sure to mention the website, IN CAPITAL LETTERS BECAUSE IT ATTRACTS ATTENTION.

(Click on pictures above for biggerness)
Now some members of the community are suggesting that this maybe a BNP front, indeed the graphic above with the phrase "Don't let THEM win" with a picture of a young hooded black male is a tad inflammatory.

Navigor began somewhere else, at the rather swankyily named site-a1.co.uk. That link now gives a re-direct (not even automatic *tuts*) but what did it used to be?
In February 2003 it was peddling business advice, August some freebies, October some porn. Until February when it starts re-directing (automatically) to uk-times.co.uk which is an odd site not updated since August last year. I've read through some of the archives and it's standard Daily Mail stock, except for the first ever post. Interesting graphics, I feel.
There are no Hurwoods in Northants, it's quite a rare name, he could be without any family, and ex-directory.
So where is this all going? I'm not sure could be a BNP front, or it could be a spammers paradise.
But I'm a vigilante so watch out.

Update 15.4.07 : More information here
Update 16.4.07 : Further update here

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  CIA unveil test videos of new mind control device
LINK: Flash video of President Bush talking about Rumsfield.

The change of the answer is odd. He realises he's given something away, and then in a stalled bridge including the phrase "one" to refer to himself he manages to start talking about something completely different.
It's like watching a seasoned politician in slow motion.
08 April, 2007
  A heatfelt plea.
Every now and then on the web you find a peice of information about some cause or other that stirs and moves you. I urge any right thinking bloggers to support this call for help and if you are in London on April 23rd to get involved in what could be a chance to play an important part in what surely will be a truly hysterical historical moment.

And now for something completely different...
01 April, 2007
  BritBlog Roundup 111
over at Liberal England.

getting a bit more serious

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