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George W. Bush is coming to the UK... and we'll be waiting for him.
30 June, 2004
  Michael Moore Still In The NEWS SHOCKER!
What I found interesting is the embedded advertising.

There are 3 gifs and one flash movie

All supporting John Kerry. All raising money.
Are Reuters making assumptions?

If this advertising dissapears - I have the gifs saved
  Raising Interest - The American way
So the Federal Reserve Bank have adjusted rates.
All the other 'little' banks have followed suit *baaaaaaaaa*
It will produce a short term economic boom
That's what George needs right now
Some local good news, to blow away the endless corpses of the allied troops returning from Iraq.

So we get this
It's quite a pile of bullshit to wade through

This is closer to the truth

The Federal Reserve Bank is a privately owned organisation.
Your vote in the upcoming pResidential election will not change that.

Think about that America.

  Banksy - Poetry in emotion
Banksy has updated his site
Spend your lunchtime looking at every picture
Then come back here and tell me that grafitti is a bad thing

personal favourite

What's he all about?

  The Culture Jammer's Network
CultureJammers: Information: The Culturejammer's Network
We are a global network of artists, activists, writers, pranksters, students, educators and entrepreneurs who want to advance the new social activist movement of the information age. Our aim is to topple existing power structures and forge a major shift in the way we will live in the 21st century. "

You know it makes sense

  You can't beat the feeling.....
you get from a gut full of phosphoric acid.

Doing the rounds, undoubtedly GC but hey it's all true

Water Or Coke ???
Which one is the 'Real Thing' ???

We all know that water is important but you've never seen it written down like this before.

1. 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. (Likely applies to half world population.)
2. In 37% of Americans, the thirst mechanism is so weak that it is often mistaken for hunger.
3. Even MILD dehydration will slow down one's metabolism as much as 3%.
4. One glass of water will shut down midnight hunger pangs for almost 100% of the dieters studied in a University of Washington study.
5. Lack of water, the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue.
6. Preliminary research indicates that 8-10 glasses of water a day could significantly ease back and joint pain for up to 80% of sufferers.
7. A mere 2% drop in body water can trigger fuzzy short-term memory, trouble with basic math, and difficulty focusing on the computer screen or on a printed page.
8. Drinking 5 glasses of water daily decreases the risk of colon cancer by 45%, plus it can slash the risk of breast cancer by 79%, and one is 50%less likely to develop bladder cancer. Are you drinking the amount of water you should every day?

1. In many states (in the USA) the highway patrol carries two gallons of Coke in the trunk to remove blood from the highway after a car accident.
2. You can put a T-bone steak in a bowl of coke and it will be gone in two days.
3. To clean a toilet: Pour a can of Coca-Cola into the toilet bowl and let the "real thing" sit for one hour, then flush clean. The citric acid in Coke removes stains from vitreous china.
4. To remove rust spots from chrome car bumpers: Rub the bumper with a rumpled-up piece of Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil dipped in Coca-Cola.
5. To clean corrosion from car battery terminals: Pour a can of Coca-Cola over the terminals to bubble away the corrosion.
6. To loosen a rusted bolt: Applying a cloth soaked in Coca-Cola to the rusted bolt for several minutes.
7. To bake a moist ham: Empty a can of Coca-Cola into the baking pan, wrap the ham in aluminum foil, and bake. Thirty minutes before the ham is finished, remove the foil, allowing the drippings to mix with the Coke for a sumptuous brown gravy.
8. To remove grease from clothes: Empty a can of coke into a load of greasy clothes, add detergent, and run through a regular cycle. The Coca-Cola will help loosen grease stains. It will also clean road haze from your windshield.

1. The active ingredient in Coke is phosphoric acid. Its pH is 2.8. It will dissolve a nail in about four days. Phosphoric acid also leaches calcium from bones and is a major contributor to the rising increase in osteoporosis.
2. To carry Coca-Cola syrup (the concentrate) the commercial truck must use the Hazardous Material place cards reserved for highly corrosive materials.
3. The distributors of coke have been using it to clean the engines of their trucks for about 20 years!

Now the question is, would YOU like a glass of water or Coke?
  The Madness of pResident George
Just received this from a friend in London. It needs your support.


Come and give your support, Friday July 9th, from 19.00 onwards
The Courtroom, Toynbee Studios, 28 Commercial Street, London E1 6LS

Urgent benefit to raise funds for the LEGAL DEFENCE of artist and academic Steve Kurtz and members of the CRITICAL ART ENSEMBLE, currently appearing before a grand jury and likely to be indicted on June 29th 2004 on trumped-up charges of bioterrorism.
Barry Schwabsky (art critic, co-editor international reviews, Artforum), Warren Neidich (NY artist, visiting artist Goldsmiths College) and Anjalika Sagar (UK artist), with the Arts Catalyst and ArtsAdmin invite you to join us in an unmissable gathering of artists, academics and concerned individuals to help raise the legal costs of Steve Kurtz of Critical Art Ensemble.

Drinks, food donated by *Story organic deli, celebrity speakers to be announced, music, performance, and exclusive footage of Steve Kurtz speaking at London's Natural History Museum. If you are interested in art and the freedom of knowledge this is the time to lend your support.

Please let us know if you are planning to come: 020 7375 3690 or e-mail here.

For further background read Clare Pentecost's excellent essay

Organisational help from: www.artscatalyst.org
and www.artsadmin.co.uk

What happened to Steve Kurtz?
Art becomes the next suspect in America's 9/11 paranoia

On May 10 Steven Kurtz went to bed a married art professor. On May 11 he woke up a widower. By the afternoon he was under federal investigation for bioterrorism.
What began as a personal tragedy for Mr Kurtz has turned into what many believe is, at best, an overreaction prompted by 9/11 paranoia and, at worst, a politically motivated attempt to silence a radical artist.
The ordeal started when Mr Kurtz, who teaches at the University at Buffalo, New York state, called the emergency services when he woke up to find Hope, his wife of 25 years, had stopped breathing.
A paramedic who came to his house saw laboratory equipment used in Mr Kurtz's art work. Within hours agents from the Joint Terrorism Task Force were combing his house and had seized his books, personal papers, computer as well as his work which have still not been returned.
Hope, it transpired, had died of a heart failure which no one suggests had anything to do with Mr Kurtz or his work. But as her body lay in the house Mr Kurtz, 46, was whisked off to be questioned for two days while his home was cordoned off and searched. The FBI refuses to comment.
Mr Kurtz, who is not speaking to the press, is part of the Critical Art Ensemble, "dedicated to exploring the intersections between art, technology, radical politics and critical theory".
His art often involves blending biology with agricultural issues. In 2002 his exhibit Molecular Invasion, a statement against genetically modified crops, created a display of small soy, corn and canola plants growing under large incubating lamps. Other exhibits allowed visitors to watch bacteria grow in petri dishes. "He's trying to change the world through his work and
his discourse," says Adele Henderson, the head of the art department at the University at Buffalo. When the police came to Mr Kurtz's house they found equipment used for extracting and amplifying DNA, as well as three types of bacteria - prompting bioterrorism fears. "He is obviously not someone who is attempting to make a weapon," says Mr Cambria. "He explained that he uses the equipment for his art."
The subpoenas say the FBI is seeking charges under section 175 of the US Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, which has been expanded by the Patriot Act. It prohibits the possession of "any biological agent, toxin, or delivery system" without the justification of "prophylactic, protective, bona fide research, or other peaceful purpose". Mr Cambria argues that Mr Kurtz's work "obviously" comes under the last two categories.
"I know everything we did was legal," said Beatriz da Costa, a member of the CAE who says FBI agents followed her to an art show in Massachusetts to serve her a subpoena. "I can only think they are trying to intimidate us and maybe make us an example." Ms da Costa, a professor at the University of California, says everything found in the house has been exhibited in public before.
  Guardian Unlimited Webwatch
Guardian Unlimited | Online | Web watch

The Big Intervention gets a name check, as does Tim Ireland's earlier successes and, of course, the Tim Yeo blog. A work in progress. *cough*
  Well said that man!
"How can the Prime Minister pursue a shoulder-to-shoulder relationship with George Bush when he seems to spend most of his time on his knees?"

Scottish National Party leader at Westminster Alex Salmond.
  Butler Enquiry Due on the eve of the two Parliamentry by-elections!
See also this

Lord Butler has dropped a bombshell on Downing Street by reopening the investigation into whether Prime Minister Tony Blair deliberately misled Britain over the claim that Saddam Hussein could use weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes.

So Tony, a no-doubt damning enquiry and a electoral kick in the teeth, all with in a short time-scale. Maybe then you will listen to the popular opinion and leave?

Cheers to Tim for the heads-up on this. Bloggage has been very lax this week, my apologies, but sometimes even lazy slackers like me have to go out and do some work.

I will be setting up a blogroll at somepoint this week. If you'd care for a reciprocal link leave a note in the comments of this post.
26 June, 2004
A rather slendid site from a rather splendid popular beat combo
25 June, 2004
  If only.....
right enough b3ta go and find you own
i'm off to play poker

you'll find me on the free play tables 5/10 no limit most nights
username is poons, surprisingly enough add me to you buddy list
and come try take some chips out of my cold dead hands

actually this guy is worth stalking on b3ta....

he's really quite good
  Outrage Family
Outrage Family

link courtesy of Beau Bo d'Or who also gives us this little snippet incase you missed it first time around
  Nothing much changes
Bush is pulling the same strings as he did when he visited the UK

Lets hope our Irish compatriates are familiar with this
  Friday afternoon - sun is shining - cold beer by my side
Ain't life grand
Here have some silly tunes to annoy yer boss with

diffusiononline.net - remixes, mashups, tv themes...the lot!

Oh and you do read the B3TA newsletter every week don't you?
24 June, 2004
  Liar Liar......
pants on fire!

also worth a look

is the Daily Mislead

On the home front Unision debated a motion to call for Mr Blair
to stand down as PM
. Though no mention on the conference site as of yet

Balders has since informed me:

Motion defeated, but Labour Party affiliation still open to question

If you are a Unison member then you need to ensure your conveynor is aware of The Big Intervention site and press them to submit a statement at branch level and lobby the leaders to show support with a statement. If you're a member of another trade union, the same applies.

Remember, this is why you pay your dues. You pay the leadership to represent you on a national level, just as much as at a local level. Most Unions are affiliated to the Labour party, which means your money is being used to support Blair. If you are uncomfortable about that then tell them so.

okay, rant over

Lets try something silly.

And something sillier.

23 June, 2004
  Big Intervention Update : Online Petition
Dunno how long this has been there but I've missed it upto now.
Go on, it's just a click away
and then spam you entire address book
go on, you won't even have to move from your keyboard

  Exxon Secrets
This uses a similar (same?) engine as TheyRule.net

Hours of fun for the die-hard eco-warrior....

Edit: you gotta feel sorry for Iain Murray though.
See June 17 and June 20 posts

  Blair shifts the agenda
So Blair has decided he doesn't want to talk about Iraq anymore.
I think he may find that particular shift may not be quite so easy,
that aside there is an interesting couple of paragraphs at the end
of the article.

But, as always, everything depends on events in Iraq.

An upsurge in violence after the handover period will shatter any hopes Blair has of moving on.

And he still has to contend with a report into the intelligence he received on Iraq's weaponry -- conducted by top former civil servant Lord Butler -- which is due by mid-July.

Blair justified war on Iraq on the grounds that Saddam Hussein had banned weapons primed for use. None has been found.

"We would all like to talk about the health service but will we be allowed to?" one Labour MP pondered.

Blair's government is reeling from heavy losses in European and local government elections, earlier this month.

More tough electoral tests loom large, probably in July.

Labour MP Terry Davis said on Tuesday he would resign as member for the Hodge Hill seat in the city of Birmingham, forcing a by-election. Nearby Leicester South is also up for grabs following the recent death of sitting MP Jim Marshall.

Both should be safe Labour seats but have significant Muslim populations, making them candidates for an anti-war backlash.

Anyone out there living in either of these wards? If so get in touch
  Anyone fancy a sing along?
I think Bush already knows the words to this one.
22 June, 2004
  The Big Intervention, Bloggerheads, and Tim Yeo
I am actually in tears after watching this.

For two reasons; first, it is a very powerful piece, that deserves to go around the globe a 1000 times, it says what I think, and believe, far more eloquently than I ever could. It hits where it should.

The second reason is a tad more personal. I first met Tim through beer meets with other members of the usenet group ULL. He's a great guy, witty as fuck, always up for a jape and, as I learned through reading bloggerheads, a committed man when it comes to his beliefs. I'm gonna miss Bloggerheads, but the flame has been passed and I am honoured to be one of those it has been passed to.

The Big Intervention continues on via Balders and I will still be chasing personalities etc on this one because to put it quite bluntly:


Did you get that at the back?

Tim put his everything into this. The response from the general web reading populace was pathetic. This is real, people. It's not just words on your screens. These things are happening, and your silence equals compliance.

I went out in Worcester 3 times, every time I was alone, I paid for the leaflets and posters myself but I talked to people. People who agreed with what was being proposed, people who dis-agreed occasionally but where happy to debate. The lack of response I find disquieting.

Are you all really that shallow?
Do the Governments of this globe really have you so scared that you won't speak out?
Or are you lazy and apathetic? Or just pathetic?

So Bloggerheads is going. I'm gonna keep a light burning, so I'll throw you the occasional silly stuff amongst the angst and rhetoric. But until you lot get off your arses and do something positive, I'm not gonna forgive you for the loss of Bloggerheads.

Also Tim has kindly donated the keys to the Princedom of Yeo which I will be looking after for the for-seeable future.

Tim, enjoy the rest. Keep in touch, and feel free to lambast me in the comments on this site at every possible opportunity.

and now some music

Edit: No rhetoric changed, but I think the punctauation; and speeling. Is now write....
19 June, 2004
  Tommy of Escondido's Alien Fonts Page
I have no idea why I suspect this will be useful someday.
Better bookmark it just in case....
  Irregular Times: News Unfit for Print
This site has some of the most annoying graphics, ever. Bloody good read though.
  Resumé: George W Bush
A record to be thoroughly proud of.
16 June, 2004
  The Paradoxical Case of Tony Blair - 96.06
Although not uptodate, this provides a fascinating insight into the way Blair came to power.
15 June, 2004
  Remember that Saddam chap?

Remember that Saddam chap?
We haven't heard much about him for a while, but today we learnt that the Americans are preparing to hand Saddam Hussein over to the custody of the Iraqis. After some initial confusion between the Iraqis and the Pentagon over exactly when this will happen, the White House said it will be at what it called "an appropriate time," and did not rule out it being by the June 30th transfer of power. But what happens to him next, is there the evidence against him and will they try to execute him if guilty? Our International Editor Lindsey Hilsum is in Baghdad.

  It's really about that time as a Brit I should talk about the weather
Wired 7.02: Everyone Complains About the Weather... Piers Corbyn Is Doing Something About It.

I know Piers from my days involved with the SWP and the LSA.
He does what he says he does and no one in his peer group like him.

He's a lot like his brother

Who someone should get in touch with right now
  Big Intervention Update
Everything about Billy Bragg

Trying for Tony Benn, thanks to Tim for some heads up and juice
Now for the meister of UK folk protest
'You can't beat a bit of Billy'

Update : may as well try for Mark Thomas as well

BTW What are you doing?
  Joan Ruddock MP : News Release : 05 May 2004:Half Day Debate on GM: a disgrace
Joan Ruddock MP : News Release : 05 May 2004:Half Day Debate on GM: a disgrace: "It is an absolute disgrace that the government has allocated only a half day debate on this most critical of issues. There has not been a debate on GM food and crops in government time since Labour came to office in 1997."

Yes it is a disgrace, Joan. I was a founder member of the Genetic Snowball campaign.

But a far worse situation is the here and now of Iraq. Your response to this is quite frankly appalling. But has been noted.
  The best bread and public transport weblog in the world...
Tis some splendid blogging on this site - and indeed bread abounds

But we have a clue to the first BI response
MP for Lewisham - let's see

and just for the record the quote:

--> Having looked at the website I have no intention of responding.
--> I am disappointed you felt you could write to me in the way you did without
--> disclosing your intentions. As it happens, I never respond to surveys.
--> I shall, however, be passing this on to the Labour Party's National Office.

This is not a survey. This is not an opinion poll. This is an intervention.
The reason we feel the need to do this is because you and you
comrades (sic) didn't get off there bottoms and do it earlier.
  Big Intervention Update
Still nothing from Mr Foster, however Tim has had a response
but the bugger won't say who it is but it seems that
Central Office is on to us. Time to man the barricades! NOT!

In the meantime I've sat and thought about who's response
I would most like to hear and settled on my all time
favorite statesman Mr Tony Benn

Sadly his website is lacking any contact details, but I'm working on it.

If anyone can assist with the details I would be eternally grateful.
14 June, 2004
  George Orwell: free web books, online
Start Reading
  GuessYourNumber.com - It's Amazing!!!
For once I have to say. Yes it is amazing.
Can someone please tell me how it's done?
  My brain has just exploded
Google Search: e^(i.pi)-1=0

Why did you search that you may ask.
or b3ta for the fans of front pages

'tis the devils work for sure
  Scroll Lock - Is it's day's up?
Probably, but this little gem made me look again

And don't even get me started on that fucking "Little Arrow Pointing At A Rectangle" key. You know the one I mean, it started popping up next to the right Control key a few years ago. That little bastard has absolutely nothing going for it

I never even noticed it. This is a tad embarassing for someone who maintains PCs for a living.
Now all I've got to do is work out what the feck it does.
  Billionaires For Bush

thanks to Gertrude for the link
  Shop A Yob Bingo Success (from News Shopper)
12 June, 2004
  big intervention update
e-mails sent to all address book
fax to Mr Foster
e-mails to Paul Chandler (Lib Dem candidate last time around)
and Richard Adams (Con candidate last time around)
press release to WEN
and it turns out a client of mine has a wife who is chair of the conservative association in Gloucester. So that's that area covered.
  Comedy Central 100 Greatest Standups of all Time
I'd have put bill hicks at #1 but hey
there is some great comedy here for download
and lets face it

we all need a reason to laugh these days
  Too Stupid To Be President
  Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Special report: human rights in the UK
There is a lot of good stuff here.
and here as well
  BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Film | Director Moore to focus on Blair
BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Film | Director Moore to focus on Blair

Better be quick Mike, he may not be doing interviews for much longer!
  Bad poons
I got told off by a policeman on Thursday. I emerged from the canal footpath by blockbusters to be met by the BNP battle crane. No, really, they has a fecking crane with a PA on it.

Anyway I responded by informing them that they were 'f*cking fascist wankers' and then noticed the policeman stood 6 foot from me. He very gently ticked me off, 'There's no need for that kind of language, Sir'. I muttered an apology and shuffled off. The point to this ramble is this
  Bill Hicks 'Revelation'
Bill Hicks 'Revelation': "There is a point, is there a point to all of this? Let's find a point. "

The world is like a ride in an amusement park. And when you choose to go on it, you think it's real because that's how powerful our minds are. And the ride goes up and down and round and round. It has thrills and chills and it's very brightly coloured and it's very loud and it's fun, for a while. Some people have been on the ride for a long time and they begin to question, is this real, or is this just a ride? And other people have remembered, and they come back to us, they say, "Hey - don't worry, don't be afraid, ever, because, this is just a ride..."

And we... kill those people.

Ha ha

"Shut him up."

"We have a lot invested in this ride. Shut him up. Look at my furrows of worry. Look at my big bank account and my family. This just has to be real."

Just a ride. But we always kill those good guys who try and tell us that, you ever notice that? And let the demons run amok. But it doesn't matter because: It's just a ride. And we can change it anytime we want. It's only a choice. No effort, no work, no job, no savings and money. A choice, right now, between fear and love. The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your doors, buy guns, close yourself off. The eyes of love, instead, see all of us as one. Here's what we can do to change the world, right now, to a better ride. Take all that money that we spend on weapons and defences each year and instead spend it feeding and clothing and educating the poor of the world, which it would many times over, not one human being excluded, and we could explore space, together, both inner and outer, forever, in peace.

  The Big Intervention Hits Worcester
Well I've just spent a very pleasent morning in Worcester City Centre. Several shops are displaying posters with A5 versions available for people to take away. The response was uniformally positive, although my local corner shop did decline my request to display one in the window even though they agreed with the sentiment, but that aside everyone I spoke to was up for the campaign, so I'm expecting Mike Foster to be a busy bunny over the next few days!

I'll be out again next Saturday hopefully with few more little helpers!
  Unbrand America
This July 4, culture jammers across the globe will deliver a blast of symbolic disobedience: we're trading the Stars-and-Stripes for Brands-and-Bands -- the symbol of all that's wrong with America. Imagine, tens of thousands of Corporate America flags waving over parades and over highways, in front of Wal-Mart and the White House -- a rallying point for a public ready for change...
11 June, 2004
  Dump Blair
Dump Blair

to use a tim-ism

does what it says on the tin!
  Unbeleivably good
SFN is regular at b3ta

He's very clever
  Tribute to Ronald Reagan (1911-2004)
I like
I like a lot
however don't forget this
  Fame at last!
Google Search: howlingspoons
  Why Labour Need Leadership Change
Click here to take part in The Big Intervention

When Labour came to power, I cried tears of happiness.
At last the despot Tory party had been removed.

I was 9 years old when Thatcher came to power and during my
formative years I saw her rip the country apart.
I watched the horrors of the 1984 Miners Strike when
soldiers dressed as civillian police
battered a movement
into submission.

I come from a Socialist family; 6th generation Irish immigrants
who had seen the formation of the welfare state and at times
relied on it heavily. A state, incidentally, that they had
fought to win.

I watched an increasingly laughable Labour party stumble from
election defeat to election defeat under the unsteady hand of
Michael Foot, so I joined the Communist Party.

When Neil Kinnock took over the leadership and put the party
back on a level footing I started to gander hope that they
may finally remove Thatcher from power, but thanks to the
power of the Murdoch owned media that was not to be.
Although, living in Merseyside at the time of the Militant
debacle, I still retain immense pride in Kinnock's expulsions
of Derek Hatton and his cronies. They were leeches.

I cried tears of sheer frustration on Election night 1992.
So I went to Poly being one of the last to receive a full
maintenance grant (until the final year when I was instead
awarded a Student Loan).

When Kinnock made way for John Smith, I watched the Labour
Party transform itself into a modern socialist party.
I still remember the shock of hearing of his death . He was
without doubt the finest Labour PM we never had.
But there was still hope. A young upstart by the name of
Tony Blair was elected leader and promised to pick up where
Smith had left off. He carried on modernising and everything
looked fine, until he took a leaf out of Thatchers book.
He took on the unions, organisations representing the natural
electorate of the party. That smelt bad.

And then he sold the family jewels. That was unacceptable.

And then the unspeakable happened. Major was out, and Blair
was our new leader. With hindsight we should have kept Major,
a PM in my opinion who had no big idea, no spin, but with a
love of this country and what it has stood for through many
regime changes but who delivered, quietly and effectively.

And then came Tony

A middle class barrister with about as much in common as me
as Saddam or Bin Laden. Fortunately he had a Chancellor who
still retained some of of his socialist roots. There was still

To date Tony Blair has

reneged on election promises
took us into war after war
and lied about why we went to war
over and over again

Furthermore he has propped up a dangerous illegal regime

The final straw is that he is so dis-interested in the
electorate he can't even be shown in the party propaganda
for yesterday's election because the party already now deep
down he has become a liability.

Mr Blair, your time is up.
10 June, 2004
"and we hold these truths to be self evident:
#1 george w. bush is not president
#2 america is not a true democracy
#3 the media is not fooling me "

I i've done a lot of UM-ing

  Laws alordy
my bum is on fire
USATODAY.com - Text of President Bush's news conference: "Now I'll be glad to take a couple of questions. "

Q1 - when are you going to go?
Q2 - see Q1

I am not saying that my own voting performance is affecting the nature of our show tonight, but I can tell you that I screwed up in the booth this morning by giving my second preference for the London Mayor to the same person that I gave my first preference to - because at no point on the ballot paper does it say that you can't do this nor does it say that you are not required to vote for two people anyway. In fact, the voting process is extremely confusing and there is a case also for saying that it was asking for confusion to allow the European and local votes on the same day. We are at work on the voting confusion and found that 100,000 people did the same thing that I have done last time and
that the Electoral Reform Society urged change then, but nothing has been done. But we're also looking at women in Asian households with dominant male structures. In short, are the men presuming and executing the women's vote without giving them the right to do so for themselves?"
  Michael Foster MP
Protest Art and photography - WORCESTER FOR PEACE
  Good Luck Tony
You are going to need it

Sing Along PLEASE NOTE- right click and save target
  Bush Family Values Photo Album
Stop him
  Big News Channel - Big News All Day
It just doesn't get bigger than this

Yes I know it's GC but i'm cleaning up my favourites
  Michael Foster MP
Interesting Information
Sadly, not updated as often as it could be.
Must drop them a line.
  Another cop out
BBC NEWS | Politics | MPs probe UK troop role in Iraq: "They will not examine claims of abuse by troops - but they will consider the relationship between the military and civilians in Iraq."
  Rogue Hong Kong crocodile bagged
"A huge crocodile sandwich and make it snappy!"
  Bush/Zombie Reagan 2004
Tis very very silly
but rather funny
09 June, 2004
  BBC NEWS | Technology | Inside the Google search machine
BBC NEWS | Technology | Inside the Google search machine: "Attempts to catch out the indexing system and force results to the top of returned results, called Google bombs, only work on a very small scale, says Mr Cutts.
Even blogs, which tend to refer to each other a lot, do not trouble the indexing system.
'Blogs are not so much of a problem,' says Mr Cutts. 'They show up less often than you expect.' "

Hmmm - He may just live to regret that comment one day.....
07 June, 2004
  Nigritude Ultramarine
Nigritude Ultramarine: Nigritude Ultramarine
06 June, 2004
sign up
Yesterday's snippettte!

Reports are coming in that the former American president Ronald
Reagan's health is seriously deteriorating and that he may have only weeks to live. He has long suffered from Alzheimer's disease. But his condition has significantly worsened we're told.

significantly worsened?
a new euphanism?

For the record :

my lasting impression of the ex-President
Frankie goes to Hollywood

oh yeah
the URL

  Passing thought
Michael Foster MP

He's my Labour partyofplenty candidate

he likes foxes

There are some who doubt that fact
Sorry. just realised the dating is a tad difficult
This discordian calendar should explain all

All Hail Eris etc.
  The Missing Links
david icke okay that's still there - call it google juice

where's b3ta gone?

Aside : Some thoughts from the Guns and Dope Party

The rest of Robert's site is pretty cool

Fnord:o) :3) :k| : } |.{ Discordianism
05 June, 2004
  Would you Adam and Eve it?
and if this isn't enough reason to start blogging then I don't know what is.
This makes Tim Yeo look good by comparison

However to see the man who is obviously passionate in his views you may wish to click here or then again you could try here

Aside - like it or loathe it Google has the best spull chucker on the net

Aside Aside - nice touch boys

  Ex-President Ronald Reagan dies - Pope interviewed by CIA, GOD implicated...
Um, it would appear that The Pope reads my blog

(See GO JP2 post of yesterday)

Just one problem JP2, you got the wrong President

Now if you get it right second time around I might even consider taking Holy Communion, being a lapsed 'left footer'.

Just think of the applause. Downright rapturous it'd be, promise.
  Google Watch
check out how bloggers play

You know I think he may be onto something ;0)
  Bilderberg: The ultimate conspiracy theory, strike theory replace with fact
Bilderberg: The ultimate conspiracy theory

Yup it's that time again.
If Brown is there then he will be the next Prime Minister
If Howard is there we're all fuct

Try here for more info. Tinfoil hats are optional
  Did someone say backlash?
Moore gets a dose of his own

It had to happen. Build em up knock em down.

In the interest of being 'fair and balanced'


  Bulldozer Driver Wrecks Town
Bulldozer Driver Wrecks Town

"The disgruntled shop owner was found inside the machine after a SWAT team blew it open with explosives. A statement from authorities does not give a cause of death."

Hmmmm, perchance the explosives may have played a part, maybe?
  What? No WMD. Gosh
US expert slams WMD 'delusions'

Mr Kay told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that British and American leaders should simply apologise and admit that they were wrong.

Um, this delusionalism (sic) must be catching....
  Go JP2
JP2 is not happy. Some wrath of God would be quite handy right now.
  Net brings activists out in force

On the interwebnet?

Shurely shome mishtake?
04 June, 2004
  Why blog?
Because HE made me do it
HE's Australian and HE's much taller than I am
Though HE can't hold his beer but always buys a round
So HE must be okay then

Hey HE - got ya ozymandias suit ready?
I've got some raw shark for ya?
  Now at midnight all the agents.....
And the superhuman crew
Come out and round up everyone
That knows more than they do
Then they bring them to the factory
Where the heart-attack machine
Is strapped across their shoulders
And then the kerosene
Is brought down from the castles
By insurance men who go
Check to see that nobody is escaping
To Desolation Row

getting a bit more serious

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