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09 April, 2007
  Albert Hurwood
A tide is sweeping across our country. It is riding on the back of interactivity, and I smell a rat.

Perusing the local news website tonight I came upon a comment urging me to join the National Vigilante Organisation. So I have. I've read The Watchmen even got a tattoo of the smiley face with Human Bean Juice. I've always fancied myself as a Rorscach but with a more socially inclusive slant.

The owner of the site, Albert Hurwood is legend when it comes to posting comments on local websites, but appear to be tiring and so is urging his minions members to post being sure to mention the website, IN CAPITAL LETTERS BECAUSE IT ATTRACTS ATTENTION.

(Click on pictures above for biggerness)
Now some members of the community are suggesting that this maybe a BNP front, indeed the graphic above with the phrase "Don't let THEM win" with a picture of a young hooded black male is a tad inflammatory.

Navigor began somewhere else, at the rather swankyily named site-a1.co.uk. That link now gives a re-direct (not even automatic *tuts*) but what did it used to be?
In February 2003 it was peddling business advice, August some freebies, October some porn. Until February when it starts re-directing (automatically) to uk-times.co.uk which is an odd site not updated since August last year. I've read through some of the archives and it's standard Daily Mail stock, except for the first ever post. Interesting graphics, I feel.
There are no Hurwoods in Northants, it's quite a rare name, he could be without any family, and ex-directory.
So where is this all going? I'm not sure could be a BNP front, or it could be a spammers paradise.
But I'm a vigilante so watch out.

Update 15.4.07 : More information here
Update 16.4.07 : Further update here

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How can this possibly be a BNP front? After all, most of that chap's actual face is white. Um, technically; you know, in the printing thereof.

Actually, now you mention Rorschach, if I look at that hooded gang member for long enough then I can see the face of my mother in the patterns. With a cock for a nose. What does this mean, doctor?

"Hooded gang member." Heh heh. Hurm.
I thought that was supposed to be a picture of the membership?
Well I've been to this site and I can see why a lot of people would join it!
All the stories posted on it show a complete breakdown in law and order that is scaring ordinary people.
That breakdown of law and order has even stemmed to copyright theft - the chap with the baseball bat is an image used to promote the film 'Kidulthood' (it's actually Noel Clarke, the film's writer and also the actor who played Mickey Smith on Doctor Who) so do they have permission to use it?
Hi Nick,

Another eagle eyed reader spotted that (thanks Tom) and e-mailed me earlier. I have informed the appropriate people and hope to see it removed shortly. I have of course requested that I have permission to use the image shown in this post.
The anonymous poster who refers to the complete breakdown of law and order in the country may have a point, but perhaps all is not lost. I urge them to consult the following reputable news node:


So crime in London is actually at an eight year low. Maybe things aren't as bad as s/he fears.
I'm pleased to say I've upset dear old Adolf enough for him to tell my ISP he's reported me to the police!

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