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30 April, 2007
  Brtiblog Roundup #115
Better late than never. Apologies to those of you kept waiting for your weekly blog fix, I'll crack right on with the news of the demise of Boris Yeltsin. Both Blood and Treasure and As A Dodo have penned touching tributes to this great man. *cough* As you probably know Boris was fond of a tipple occasionally, and so was probably already spinning in his grave at the news that the Government now want to ban the consumption of alcohol in private houses by the under 15s. Raedwald has something to say about that.

Mr E. has something to say about the Genocide Remembrance day that just passed a subject clearly very close to his heart.

Over at Philobiblon, Natalie is in search of a pooch fit for a Duchess. And indeed this week's award for most nominations goes to Natalie with 7 - count 'em (1 2 3 4 5 6 7) - nominations. Warning #2 contains naked lady bits from the start.

The single post with most nominations award goes to this Yorkshire Ranter for this post regarding Operation Ore. Background reading can found here and here courtesy of Dan Hardie. Loosely linked is Liberal England's piece on the latest moral crisis in the Church of England.

And indeed TYR makes a second appearance (he must be ranted out) to look at the (bad) science of wireless networking, and the screaming ab dabs that some members of the MSM are having. Moving to a different ranter Central News takes a look at the cost of diversity training in regional police forces.

Matt Wardman has a look at current blogging technology and how it is affecting the UK Political blogscene. Matt has written a series of blog related posts that are well worth a look at so be sure to have a proper look around. Talking of political blogging, Unity over at Guido 2.0 takes a look at the particularly vehement bullying of John Hirst (known as Jailhouse lawyer through out the blogosphere). It is a long but superb read, both well balanced and quite moving. Also moving is this post by James Higham writing about his late Father.

The 25th anniversary of the Falklands Conflict brought a small flurry of posting but only 2 nominations both from Dan again one by himself and t'other by M. Ranter Du Yorkshire.

And finally (with 15 minutes of Monday left) James is somewhat sceptical of his HR department whilst Cat seems to be starting a one woman campaign to save Neighbours, which is just wrong!

Next week is over with Chameleon. Nominations to britblog [at] gmail.com please.

Edit: Whoops forgot to include two posts I wanted to nominate myself. James Graham wants your feedback on privacy laws, whilst MiniTrue has a peice focusing on the actions of the BNP members of Sandwell Council.

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Your link to my posting does not work. It can be found here.

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