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23 July, 2004
See that link below every post?
It says comments.

com·ment   (kmnt)
    1. A written note intended as an explanation, illustration, or criticism of a passage in a book or other writing; an annotation.
    2. A series of annotations or explanations.
    1. A statement of fact or opinion, especially a remark that expresses a personal reaction or attitude.
    2. An implied conclusion or judgment: a novel that is a comment on contemporary lawlessness.
  1. Talk; gossip: a divorce that caused much comment.

I'd quite like some - even abusive ones, and if that's not incitement to post I don't know what is....

O.K.! a few bits of serious (well almost) advice which you will of course quite happily and rightly ignore!

You have got a really great blog in the making here.

It's far, far better than mine!

It's individualistic, it has an interesting, unpredictable and quirky take on events and is pulling in all sorts of illuminating and just fun links I haven't tripped over elsewhere. O.K., I'm a fan! I'm converted! Glory! Glory!

Don't stop. Keep on. It takes time to build up an audience let alone audience participation. From your archive section I get the impression you've this blog has only been online since June 04. We started our blog in Sept 03 and for the first few months (O.K. longer than that) we had precious few readers except me (even though we were plugging the site like mad in our local Ward newsletters which might have given us a slight head start). It was months before, with the odd bit of luck, we started to get noticed.

We will never be big time - because our main target is maybe 12,000 households in Wyre Forest. Even so we are now getting 200 - 500 hits a day. Our basic audience is local residents, mid and junior level Council Officers who now feed the site, local journalists who feed off the site, political freaks in the wider world, a few of Kidderminster's sons and daughters now scattered ascross the known universe and blogosphere) and a few very strange people indeed. You have a potentially far, far bigger audience.

Remember, August is a bad month. People go on holiday and turn their computers off (yes, it does happen). Don't let August deter you!

I think this is a brilliant site. You make me laugh. You make me think. You provide me with links to wonderful things I would not otherwise have discovered! I intend to loot this site relentlssly to adorn our own site - with grudging acknowledgements of course.

Yup, this is an endorsement.

Stick at it howlingspoons - world wide fame and recognition (or at least passing comatose awareness from like minded freeks) is just around the corner!

Mike at Wyre Forest Liberal.
Oh yes, one serious piece of advice. Your weblog seems to display your last 11 postings.

If possible please extend that number to 20, or better still 30, at this stage to give people discovering the blog an easier introduction to discovering the range of material you are covering,

Cheers Mike.

The amount of posts on the front page tends to jump up and down because it is time based rather than number of posts. The fact that I tweak it from time to time probably doesn't help either. I've reset it to seven days.
I love your blog! Its very cool and I visit more or less everyday! xx
Um thanks anonymous - whoever you are!
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