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09 July, 2004
  It's war, it's legal....
So we'd better find someone to blame (with apologies to manic)

So we have the CIA overstating evidence.
The Butler enquiry is rumored to highlight limitations of intelligence (Can they really say that about Mr Blair - what? - Oh they mean the dossiers. Right)

and the Tories, who gleefully backed Blair in his call to war now on their back heels.
The Conservative Leader said: "It became clear yesterday that the Prime Minister took us to war without bothering to ask a simple and obvious question. That question is whether the chemical and biological weapons he thought Iraq had could be used only on the battlefield, or put on the end of a missile to be fired at British troops in Cyprus."

So it seems that pretty much all sides are agreed. The war was based on shoddy evidence, the major political figures on both sides of the Atlantic took us to war based on this evidence, ergo THE WAR WAS AND REMAINS AN ILLEGAL OCCUPATION OF A FOREIGN NATION.

Doesn't that mean that Tony Blair, and George W. Bush are by their own admission WAR CRIMINALS? If we must have the show trial, let's at least do it properly. Lets get Saddam, George and Tony all in the same dock.

How? Well for starters the UN could play them at there own game. Bring it to the security council and then refuse them their veto. Let's see how they like when the boots on the other foot.
Make them stand in The International Court and defend their actions on pain of death, and whilst where at it let's throw Sharon in there as well for consistently refusing to acknowledge UN resolutions and rulings by the International Court Of Justice.

All of these people are lying, murdering despots. All of them need to face trial, and all of them when found guilty should be hanged by the neck until dead.

It is time for the United Nations to finally flex it's muscles. Members of the Security Council have acted illegally, and whilst the old adage 'two wrongs don't make a right' rattles around my brain, if they do not act over this total and utter trampling of International Law then they deserve to join them in the dock as well.

*breathes deeply*

In the mean time I'm praying for an asteroid impact. Or better still a quiet but effective campaign as outlined by these fine people.

And yes, I have signed up, several years ago.

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