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02 July, 2006
  It's toasted!
We've recently started selling Luckies* in the shop.
This is on my recommendation, partly because I'd not had one in years, but mostly because the Goths and Emos had been asking for them.

My first encounter with them was when a friend started a year out placement in Germany as part of his Organic Chemistry (with German) degree.

Off He went and a few weeks later returned with copious quantities of Lucky Strike. It transpired that Germany at the time still had cigarette vending machines attached to the outside of newsagents etc. and that the old 5p piece was identical in weight to the then DM (no I can't spell it).

I seem to remember that the fags cost him 15p a pack, so when selling them on at a very reasonable price, he was still minting it. Sadly his stay in Germany was shorter than hoped. The people he was working for did not realise how fluent he was until he handed in his notice in fluent spoken German and was as equally as rude to his employers as they had been to him.

Cheap fags were great. This would have been better however.

* Lucky Strike Cigarettes - see also

To be fair to Snopes the Luckies article inspired this post, although an earlier e-mail from someone who should know better forced me to send him this link, which got me back onto the Snopes website where in found this:-

First off we have the poser :
A hoe weighing 8 tons is on top of a flatbed trailer and heading east on Interstate 70 near Hays, Kansas. The extended shovel arm is made of hardened refined steel and the approaching overpass is made of commercial-grade concrete, reinforced with 1 1/2 inch steel rebar spaced at 6 inch intervals in a criss-cross pattern layered at 1 foot vertical spacing.

Solve: When the shovel arm hits the overpass, how fast do you have to be going to slice the bridge in half? (Assume no effect for headwind and no braking by the driver.)

Extra Credit: Solve for the time and distance required for the entire rig to come to a complete stop after hitting the overpass at the speed calculated above.

Answer : here

A little more ominous, but worth knowing.

Finally something rude
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