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George W. Bush is coming to the UK... and we'll be waiting for him.
07 November, 2005
  A quick round up.....
No it's not Mr Blair's latest idea for controlling terrorism, that's not due until next year. I just thought there has been so much good stuff in other places recently I'd do a mammoth post and get them all out of the way in one go. So first stop Bloggerheads...

Tim has been creative again, engaging in voodoo and inciting religous hatred of Roman Catholics (well, one particular recent convert to be precise).

Learn how to turn this

into this

whilst maintaining a cheery outlook on life!

He's also stumbled on some great public information films which come with a rather quaint disclaimer :
The language used in these films is typical of the period when they were made. Some of it may now be considered offensive or stereotypical.

Moving Stateside Crooks and Liars bring us a shocking report on the devastating effects of same sex marriages in Massachusetts courtesy of The Daily Show.... Quicktime or WMP here

Owen has a nice take on Tony's next strategy in TWAT.

D-Notice has some photo's of the memorial to Jean Charles de Menezes however scroll down a bit and view something even more chilling....

At first view I was convinced it was a photoshop job, but nope the website can be found here. Sure makes me feel a lot safer. Oh and whilst on the subject latest estimates put ID cards at £500 a pop.

Staying in London, Diamond Geezer has been wondering whether he spends too much time blogging. His resounding conclusion is yes, but for my money his blog is the best resourse for things to do when in the smoke, so keep up the good work says I.

Jon (of the Jail Journal) recently wrote a top post on the movements of key commodities in his current place of abode. If you've never been over there a brief summary of how he found himself there and some extracts can be found here.

My friend Rachel has been publishing bits and bobs of her artwork over at her blog for a while but this one is a real wowser. More info here with the ability to see the work full size (bloody imageshack).
And whilst on the subject of art, if you liked the Star Wars pixel mash I recently blogged then try this and this. Clever bugger that FiveFolds.

Anyhoo, that should keep you busy for a while.
No? Okay then one last link from Mr Duck. And if I didn't know better I'd be convinced he had a hand (sorry) in this somewhere.
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