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24 August, 2004
  Stoned Again
Ever wonder why Rizla make king size Rizla's?
No me neither, we all know why, but Rizla don't.

Read this article first and then read on.

So "king-size papers are particularly convenient for lorry drivers" and Rizla are in no way aware of the use of any of their products in recreational drug use but are pretty sure clarinet players think they are a god send.

I purchased a packet of green regular size Rizla papers tonight, and up on opening was met with the following pearl of wisdom

Nurture you mind with great thoughts;
To beleive in the heroic makes heroes.

followed by a url (no you don't get the click yet - keep reading)

further inspection notes a new slogan on the spine


So we trek to Rizla and this points us to the mystery site
oh okay it's inspired-by.co.uk and lo Rizla have locked into the festival scene.

So to celebrate our long history and association with musical greatness, Rizla is bringing you some of the best live music events.

that reminded me of this

Drugs have done good things for us, if you don't believe they have, do me a favour - take all your albums, tapes and CDs and burn em cos you know what, the musicians who made that great music that has enhanced your lives throughout the years?

Rrrrreal fucking high, ha ha ha ho ho.
- the late great Bill Hicks

hmmmm...... now I went to Beautiful Days last weekend, and I nattered to lots of people; many using Rizla papers of different sizes and colours for varying purposes. Not one was a lorry driver and though I once learnt to play clarinet, *drum roll* I was using them to smoke fags and rolls joints.

So I'm about to send this e-mail to Rizla HQ.

Subject : A Change of Policy?


Just bought one of the new issue green regular rolling papers and after checking out inspired-by.co.uk it got me thinking, so I written a wee ditty at . As you will see I have informed the readers of my blog that I am sending this message, but will respect any request for confidentiality if reasonable grounds are presented.



If you have a vested interest - clarinet players are you listening to me?
Then - drop an email to Rizla tell them you read this and want to know the answer.

And if you're a long distance lorry driver - I may have to skip the country shortly, though I've never really gotten on with king skins.....

Apologies for the width - in future poon's posts will be available as slims.

This post recognises the trademarks of:

Rizla UK Limited (which) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Imperial Tobacco Ltd.
Registered in England and Wales.
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