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22 June, 2004
  The Big Intervention, Bloggerheads, and Tim Yeo
I am actually in tears after watching this.

For two reasons; first, it is a very powerful piece, that deserves to go around the globe a 1000 times, it says what I think, and believe, far more eloquently than I ever could. It hits where it should.

The second reason is a tad more personal. I first met Tim through beer meets with other members of the usenet group ULL. He's a great guy, witty as fuck, always up for a jape and, as I learned through reading bloggerheads, a committed man when it comes to his beliefs. I'm gonna miss Bloggerheads, but the flame has been passed and I am honoured to be one of those it has been passed to.

The Big Intervention continues on via Balders and I will still be chasing personalities etc on this one because to put it quite bluntly:


Did you get that at the back?

Tim put his everything into this. The response from the general web reading populace was pathetic. This is real, people. It's not just words on your screens. These things are happening, and your silence equals compliance.

I went out in Worcester 3 times, every time I was alone, I paid for the leaflets and posters myself but I talked to people. People who agreed with what was being proposed, people who dis-agreed occasionally but where happy to debate. The lack of response I find disquieting.

Are you all really that shallow?
Do the Governments of this globe really have you so scared that you won't speak out?
Or are you lazy and apathetic? Or just pathetic?

So Bloggerheads is going. I'm gonna keep a light burning, so I'll throw you the occasional silly stuff amongst the angst and rhetoric. But until you lot get off your arses and do something positive, I'm not gonna forgive you for the loss of Bloggerheads.

Also Tim has kindly donated the keys to the Princedom of Yeo which I will be looking after for the for-seeable future.

Tim, enjoy the rest. Keep in touch, and feel free to lambast me in the comments on this site at every possible opportunity.

and now some music

Edit: No rhetoric changed, but I think the punctauation; and speeling. Is now write....
Tim's departure is a great shame. I've only become aware of Bloggerheads over the past couple of months, and was beginning to get very involved. Bloggerheads was a great resource and must have consumed a lot of time, and it's a great shame his input wasn't rewarded with a greater response.
Oh, and I very nearly cried too.
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