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11 May, 2009
  Tim needs some help
Below is the contents of an e-mail sent in defence of a good friend of mine
Click through at the title to see what set it off.

This e-mail is not for publication in Private Eye or any other medium, though I grant Tim Ireland the right to use the contents on Bloggerheads.com as he sees fit. I will respect the privacy of any reply if required to do so.

cc. Tim Ireland


Having read Tim's open letter to you regarding the ongoing attempt to dis-credit him via slurs and smears against his character on the Internet I am compelled to add what little weight I have to his argument.

I have known Tim Ireland for many years, and know him to be of sound character and integrity. He has an attention to details when researching stories that is beyond that which many of the so-called 'top political bloggers' show or even aspire to, and perhaps this is why so many find it easy to regard him as obsessive or use the usual description of him as "a deranged stalker and guilty of harassment". He is neither of these things, he is an investigative blogger who's attention to detail is on a par of the late (and much admired by myself) Paul Foot. Tim will always give a right of reply - much more than Staines, Dale and the rest have afforded him.

Tim, like yourself has no political affiliation, and as a founding member of the political blog movement has assisted members on both side of the house. He has a genuine concern for the way forward for political use of the Internet to ensure that is honest, transparent and open to public scrutiny, whether that be of elected members or the hangers on who are attempting to shape the political debate.

I would suggest that you meet with Tim face-to-face at the earliest possible opportunity. He will provide you with evidence to back up his claims, and I am sure that you will find that you are not that far away from each other in your outlook when it comes to bringing people to book for wrongful behaviour, and he's a great guy to spend sometime with anyway.

Further more, he will probably be able to teach you a few tricks when it comes to Internet research (and the dark art of Search Engine Optimisation) that I suspect will have you employing him on a regular basis to assist in your publication's own investigations.

Finally, I enjoy Private Eye immensely on a weekly basis, and hope you take the time to help Tim out in what must be a very stressful situation. He is a father and the disgusting allegations made against him must be withdrawn. You can help that, and make the political blog scene more accountable.

Thank you for reading.


25 April, 2009
  And another thing
I'll be over there for while...
23 February, 2009
A new find via b3ta
07 February, 2009
  Bill hicks redux
Letterman finally stands down

Bill's mother holds her own.
28 January, 2009
  Navigor love me!
I've just had an e-mail from Albert Hurwood the BNP Activist and founder of Navigor

It reads

Dear Dave, how many criminals may be soon be living in YOUR street?

Ministers today released the postcodes of residential streets where thousands of criminals are being held in bail hostels.

The Ministry of Justice has been repeatedly criticised for paying private firm ClearSprings millions to house the convicts on early release and suspects awaiting trial in residential homes to ease prison overcrowding.

They are free to come and go with only limited supervision.

Neighbours are only told about the hostels by letter once they have been given the go-ahead and many in nearby streets do not realise they are there.

But, following pressure to reveal the locations, the Government has published a list of postcode areas, but stopped short of revealing precise street names.

The probation officers' union Napo said there were 'minimal' checks on those staying in the hostels and called for closer supervision of their behaviour.

And these are the postcodes so check yours NOW!

Bath: BA2
Birmingham: B18, B21, B67, B69
Blackburn: BB2, BB9, BB10, BB11
Bolton: BL1, BL2, BL8, BL9
Bournemouth: BH8, BH10
Bristol: BS5, BS16, BS24
Cardiff: CF3, CF5, CF11
Cleveland: TS4, TS5, TS17, TS18
Coventry: CV6
Derby: DE22, DE23
Doncaster: DN5, DN7, DN17, DN32
Dudley: DY1, DY2, DY4
Durham: DH1
Gloucester: GL1
Greater London: CR7, E17, E6, E9, EN8, IG1, N12, N18, N22, N9, SE23, SE25, SE6, SW16, UB1
Halifax: HX5
Hemel Hempstead: HP12
Huddersfield: HD2
Hull: HU5
Ipswich: IP4 2
Leeds: LS7, LS8, LS12
Leicester: LE2, LE3, LE4
Lincoln: LN6
Liverpool: L7, L11, L14, L21
Llandudno: LL11, LL13
Luton: LU2, LU3, LU4
Manchester: M18, M24, M26
Medway: ME1, ME4, ME7
Milton Keynes: MK14
Newcastle: NE4, NE24, NE32, NE63
Newport: NP19, NP20
Northampton: NN1, NN2, NN3, NN5, NN18
Norwich: NR1, NR5, NR6
Nottingham: NG2, NG6, NG7
Oldham: OL1
Oxford: OX3
Peterborough: PE2, PE4
Plymouth: PL2, PL4
Portsmouth: PO2, PO4
Preston: PR1, PR2
Reading: RG1, RG2, RG6
Romford: RM8, RM10, RM13
Sheffield: S45, S65, S75
Southampton: SO15, SO18
Stoke-on-Trent: ST3, ST4, ST5, ST6
Sunderland: SR3, SR4
Swansea: SA1
Swindon: SN1
Telford: TF1
Wakefield: WF1, WF2, WF9, WF13
Walsall: WS2
Warrington: WA10, WA4
Wigan: WN2, WN7, WN8
Wolverhampton: WV3

If anyone gets a letter and wants to warn others about these criminals just go to the Navigor Forum and we will publicise it there AND on the Navigor Blog!

Box 1223
NO23 2DR

Notes on this missive

1) "Dear Dave" - oh Albert do you really care?
2) A bunch of top level postcodes - what fucking use is that? I used to live in HD2 as it goes - it's a huge postal area.
3) Not one single link to the Navigor forums or website.
4) Unless he is expecting you to snail mail him at his anonymous PO box....
5) People being held on bail are not necessarily criminals they have been charged but not found guilty

Useless tosser.

BTW - I just googled Albert Hurwood and guess who gets top billing. Tee hee.

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